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Well it can have two outcomes...

1. the police won't even talk to the multitudes of random 'psychics' that want to offer info on cases (and, frankly, they are right; if they ever need this sort of assistance they will find persons to do it, not random volunteers off the street.)

2. if they consider your information and it is right, then you will become a suspect (and, frankly, I can't blame them). How on earth did you know about the small details, anyway? I say it's RV. But policemen are (and should be) more down to earth than that. What if I was the perp and tried to pull this stunt off, showcasing myself as a clairvoyant to confuse the police? There is a Japanese movie with that exact plot, so it's not a new idea. (The name escapes me at the moment, a friend of mine had seen it and talked about it to me a few weeks ago. I can ask her if needed.)

So, well, if the police asked me to RV, I would consider it (not that it's a likely scene LOL, I'm no major-league RVer), but I wouldn't volunteer because that's only bound to make one either ridiculed or a possible perp... and I don't know which is worse ;D


When scotland yard run totally out of lead and hit a wall, they sometimes will ask a psychic who has experiance in that kind of thing before.

But i think larry is talking about bounty hunting more. which is extremely dangerous, a large percentage of unsolved crimes are probably organized crime related and would require snooping around as well at a huge amout of RV'ing. People who snoop around gangs usually have 'accident's' .


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larrywojo writes:

Many wouldn't even concern the police, dealing with lost property or missing persons, oftentimes with the incentive "No Questions Asked". (On the far extreme, there are always the lost pets of wealthy owners :) ).

Don't forget BURIED TREASURE! Actually there are, on occasion, those kinds of taskings available. You correctly determine the archeological location and you get a piece of the pie. (I never got a piece of the pie, but I DID one of these taskings once. 8)) They were extremely time-sensitive taskings and I got too busy with life/work and had to bow out (((sigh))).



Actually if you set up some sort of organsation that publically announces that it is going to do that kind of work, you will not be accused, i think psitech perhaps have this exemption somewhere.


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Hey Gang,

            This probably isn't the first time this has been brought up here, but with everyone wishing they could RV for a living, has anyone considered working criminal cases where Rewards are offered?

  You get to help people, and be financially compensated for it. Sounds like a 'Win-Win' proposition to me...


win win ? :-/
It depends on what kind of criminal activity
were talking about.

The number one crime we all face is terrorist
activities. (and if rewards is one's primary
driving force the benefits are huge in this category
of crimeif your successfull)

You only have to visit the FBI'S website
and check out the price tag on these guys heads.
So if a couple of psychics can find missing people in Japan
Its only logical to conclude they can find missing people
in pakistan...but...

You have heard it said before time and time again, RV cannot
be used to locate terrorist for numerous excuses and reasons. To date Not one missing terrorist has been
located using PSI or has been acknowleged to being involved
in the capture of those now in custody.

Iam speaking purely on the basis of your reward theory. If you do this as an individual iam pretty sure
you wont get a penny regardless of whether one has a high
reputation in psi or not. Indeed no major (CIVILLIAN) RVer player has ever to my knowledge been rewarded for capturting
criminals let alone terrorist but i stand to be corrected.

If however one is part of a registered PSI company whose
expertise include finding criminals (including terrorists)
then you might have a remote chance of success at getting paid if of course your data proved valid and
led to the capture of these individuals in the first place.

This of course means you will be working directly for
the govt at some stage - Again I dont recommend this
for obvious reasons.

Here you go, Larry:

The Citizen's Crime Commission of the Delaware Valley is non-profit, civic organization in the Philadelphia, Pa., area, which acts as a clearinghouse for rewards offered for the solution of crimes. As far as I know, the police don't even get involved. You phone in your information anonymously and are given a tracking number. The CCC then gives the information to the police. It the information leads to an arrest and conviction, you phone in again with your tracking number and arrange to receive your reward. A quick back of the envelope calculation shows that there are over $200,000 worth of rewards currently up for grabs on this Website. Start viewing!


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Ok this may go down badly but here goes.
Would you if the chance came up RV for a living and be very comfortable from this living. Although you may never know the real clients or the targets you are helping them with? In other words you could be helping terrorist, countries and criminals?



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I especially want to thank Branded_Krait for that CCC link over in the Delaware Valley.

Right! ... that really was a good idea Branded!

I have lived in the same area for years and years as Branded does and hear about the Crime Commission so often that it no longer even registers in the mind...ya hear it but you no longer hear it...

The Commission has been around for a loooong time and it works Larry. What is really good about this is the fact that Branded got the info out for any interested viewer no matter where they live.


I didn't read anywhere that using the crime commission exempts one from being a suspect. Otherwise, criminals could do something, and then later call in for a reward, LOL! If you expect to get a reward, you can expect that you will be trackable and that the police may get suspicious if they don' t like your explanation about how you got your info. How do you think being a psychic will hold up in court, especially considering that most of us DON'T have a track record? Even if you get off, the hassle could be immense. How much do lawyers cost these days anyway! I would absolutely not mess with anything that could get a viewer in trouble and that includes working for the govt or tracking serious criminals if not going through the police and not having a good working relationship wiht them in the first place.

Other kinds of stuff like tracking lost pets, medical diagnosis, asset recovery, stock market prediction, employee screening etc would be more reasonable though. You'd still want to prescreen your clients to make sure they are on the up and up. But luckily, rv can be used for that too! ;D
The CCC has a relationship with television station WPVI Channel 6 in Philadelphia. It is through broadcasts on that station that I've heard about the anonymous tracking number methodology.

Besides, most of the rewards will be paid out only if the tip leads to the "arrest and conviction" of the perpetrator. The RV'er won't be developing information which leads to his own arrest! If you're nervous, phone it in via a pay phone; get your anonymous tracking number. After the good guys arrest and convict the bad guys based on your RV'd information, collect the reward.


I know someone who turned in someone who was on the FBI list with a 10k reward, it took them over a year after the arrest to get paid, and when they did it was only half of the posted reward, At first I assumed that maybe someone else had turned this guy in too and the reward was split, but this was not the case.. ;D



Well, maybe the FBI can't be trusted!

[looking over my shoulder for that ominous knock on my front door.. ;D ]