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Hi guys! Haven’t been here in ages! Hope you’re all well.

I had an interesting incident on January 26th. It came to mind again recently. All the circumstances coinciding seem so amazing. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback or thoughts on it.

I am doing home care for a man, Fred, with dementia. It is rrae for the homeowner to take Fred out for a drive, but on January 26th it was an extremely rrae warm day for the north. It was a “freakishly” warm sunny day for January and the snow we had had melted. The homeowner, Rob, was taking me to see some unusual homes (we both love architecture).

We happened to take a turn (a shortcut) into a cemetery that happened to be the one where my grandfather was buried. I had not been back since he had passed, not knowing where his gravesite was. It was just before 5 on a Friday, but when I mentioned my grandparents were there’ll, Rob took a Right and drove up to the office, which happened to be open just before 5 on a sunny Friday. They gave me a map and told me where the site was.

Because the snow had melted we were able to brush away leaves and eventually found the in-ground Marker. As I turned to leave there was a glass ball on the ground. “That’s funny”, I said as I picked it up. “My grandmother collected glass balls.”

So When I got home I called my sister and told her I had been to the grave. Then it became really astonishing! She said she couldn’t believe it! That morning she noticed on her date book that papa had died 52 year she earlier ON THAT VERY DAY! “You’re kidding!” I screamed. :eek:

Wow! What a “perfect storm” of synchronicities all leading to me being there on that particular day, of all days! I felt that somehow my grandmother reached thru to influence the glass ball to be there, and then I connected with papa too to have been there’s on that day. So strange! It really seemed like a connection with “the other side”, don’t you think?!


I read your post on the day you posted it. At that time, I did not reply, because I'm not at all educated in spirit connections. I didn't feel qualified to post. It is obvious this is important to you, and you deserve a reply. It is an important topic.

I used to be a die-hard skeptic of anything remotely metaphysical. Something inside told me to constantly challenge that skepticism, and I challenged it for decades. Finally, having success at Remote Viewing showed me first-hand that my skepticism was mere recalcitrance and ignorance. I had to drop such unhealthy skepticism in light of that experience. As Shakespeare's line for his character Hamlet went, "There are stranger things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." I learned that the long, slow way, over 4 decades. In these current and more enlightened days, I am inclined to agree with you that your experience could have been a connection from beyond.

I work next to a very old facility, a former tuberculosis sanitorium (my spell check does not like sanitorium and wants me to put sanitarium, but they are two different things). The maintenance manager has his staff come in deep in the night when no one is around. They buff the floors and things when no one is around to potentially slip and fall when they're doing their work. Having experienced one or two unusual but not really definitive knocks in this old auxiliary building from 1935 that we're in, we asked the crew (who also come to clean our building) if they had heard or seen anything in the main building. To our surprise, they've seen lots. Lots. When we asked one very quiet and sincere guy, he just opened up completely and related with blushing face and nearly in tears what he had seen. Astonishing. Several apparitions, and nothing macabre at all. The maintenance manager had even seen things, himself. I haven't witnessed these things first-hand and may never be able to access the main building very late at night like the maintenance team can, but I do believe them without reservation. They are incredibly sincere people.

Considering all that, I believe what you experienced could have been signs from the other side.

If you aren't already familiar with the series, I'd strongly encourage you to go to YouTube and type in Jeffrey Mishlove. He interviews paranormal researchers. Himself, Dr. Mishlove is a very long time paranormal researcher. You'd get lots of different perspectives on your experience.
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I just discovered this forum today.

The spirit world is indeed bizarre. While grieving for my mother who passed within the past few years, I have had lucid dreams on occasion which illustrated that parallel timelines do, in fact, exist. It has put many things into perspective. While she passed from this timeline, she survived in another. My personal takeaway from this was that I should focus on the experience I'm having now and worry less about making the 'right' choice, as I inevitably will make the opposite choice in a parallel timeline just to see what will happen and learn from the experience.

Communication with non-corporeal entities (e.g. 'ghosts') has sometimes occurred during prayer, as have inexplicable events in the physical realm (poltergeist activity, other violations of known physical laws, temporal distortions just to name a few.) While direct perception is difficult during the day, it often happens when it is very calm such as when the night crew is cleaning, due to the subtlety of the phenomenon being sensed.

I am inclined to agree with Arkeo above, that not only is the true nature of so-called Reality stranger than we imagine; it is often stranger than we are able to imagine. It is always a combination of reassurance and mild perturbation when recognizing details from one's experience when reading ancient scriptures (e.g. the Books of the Dead, both Egyptian and Tibetan versions.) We have been told that the old stories are works of fiction, but may actually be instructional materials if we have enough sense to look. Atlantis, the Flood and Faerie Folk may be part of our history, present and future.

That religion called 'Modern Science' has even hinted that we may actually be awash in fields of Consciousness, from which physical reality manifests. Personally, I don't believe that I need counsel from some priest wearing a while laboratory coat to recognize my own experience and neither do you. It would appear that your cemetery experience succeeded in attracting your attention. Just like particles are entangled on the quantum level, so may we be with our loved ones.

Most scientific 'discoveries' have been attributed to messages from other realms if one looks deeply into the history. John Dee was a court astrologer, but his counsel in the royal Court led to the foundation of the British Empire. There is more to the history than a card reader who fancied staring into a crystal ball.

Edison worked on a machine as reliable as a telephone to contact 'the Other Side', but we only hear about his light bulb. Students of so-called 'magic' claim that contact is indeed possible. Perhaps you want to pursue this further?