Remote influencing? Personal examples?


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Perhaps, but no time to write it out right now alas. You might try the search function, I know there's *something* like this in the archives at least.

Is this something you've run into, is that why you ask?


Call it practical magic!
When is it Remote Influencing and when is it precognition?

I was once very nervous to go to a business-meeting. I hoped I would get the asignment...but I wasn't so sure...this was big! The night before the meeting..I could not get any sleep. So I visualized what I was hoping for...seeing someone signing the contact. I "knew" it would be allright...still I was nervous. The moment the meeting took place, we hardly discussed anything...just had a cup of coffee and this man signed the contract, without hasitation. I asked him if he had any questions. He said: "No, I already knew you were the right person for the job." (But we had never met before!)

I knew that he would sign the contract! But I was surprised to hear, he had already would be me that got it!

It could have been remote influence...but it could also be precognition. :-/


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That was kewl ! Mabe a little of both. precog and influence.

I have wrote this out once before, but I can't find it, so I'll write it out again.

Once upon a time in Nebraska on I80 I had a load of ice cream that had reefer problems and was in a hurry to get it repaired in Omaha, before the ice cream melted.

So I was breaking all the rules of logbooks etiquette, hummm like a confession here. I also tore the federal tag off my mattress.

So anyways, the D.O.T. Scales in Omah red light me, and I got to come in with my books and permits. Which are all way behind. I park at the fartherest end of the parking Lot, and tear out some pages, and redo my log as fast as I can possibly do, I put the tore out sheets in the trash bag thats hangin on the ash tray, in plain sight.

I see the Dot man coming down the parking lot for me, and he is fuming mad at having to come get me.

He jumps on the running board, and tells me to hand em over right now , and grabs my log book , and then I hand em my permits and bills of lading.

We then go into the inspection bays, asking me the usual questions I answer real courteously, and ask real nice if we can hurry, Cause I have an emergency of Ice Cream , he then tells me , 'I dont care about your problems'.. ok I say 'yes sir'

He says you got any reciepts that show you were in Grand or was it in North Platte at this time? I say "no i dont think so"..

He says well I m gonna search your truck then!..

So out the door we are going. Now my mantra starts right there, In my mind Im saying look where ever you want.

Just do not look in the trash bag on the ash tray ! over and over my mantra all the way out to the truck Im saying to myself feverently...

He has me stand in front of the truck like a criminal, then proceeds to ck everywhere in the truck, the two trash bags on the arm of the seat, under the bunk , every cubby hole !!

But not the trash bag in plain sight on the ashtray..

On the way back he ask , You got any reciepts in your wallet?
I say no, he says let me see, I hand it over.. he say s ok .
'you can go' and ' oh by the way get that head light fixed thats why i pulled you in here'..
Wow what a shaky expeience it was for me..

The reefer got fixed, and the ice cream didnt melt, and lived happily ever after till it got eaten at the super market..


sure. but you probably wont like em.

I live in a house with six flatmates. its brilliant. i really love living here. its difficult to imagine how my life could be better. Everything i could possibly want and more is provided here as soon as i want it. Equipment..i wanted to play a wii.. one appeared. i wanted to play eyetoy ps2 games.. they are here. i wanted a dvd player.. one is there now. i quite want sky cable-tv and next week it will be here.

Whats more - no sooner do i decide that i am sick of someone, or would quite like them to leave (without changing my behaviour or saying anything at all to them out of the ordinary - yes i am utterly insincere, sue me.) - they announce they are leaving and within a week or two they are gone and replaced. This has happened with five flatmates over the course of a year so far. its convenient. My environment is always full of people i feel like interacting with. I attribute this comfort to my general lack of experiencing guilt. For example.. the last time i felt like a change- i actually wanted two flatmates to leave and bang.. they both said they had been thinking of moving out and doing this or that blah. But in the case of one of them i actually felt a little guilty and.. within a week he had gone back on his thoughts and wasnt thinking of moving out anymore. The other one i experienced no guilt over has left.

Guilt is not as simple as that either. There was someone who wanted to move in here and at first i was fine with that, but then they told me they wanted to go out with me and i was no longer fine with it anymore.. we had a talk and i explained that i was not interested and so on and they were really worried that I wouldnt want them to move in now. and i didnt really but at the time because they were so distraught, i said it was fine. But it really began to bother me over the next week. I didnt know what to do.. they told me they had handed in notice at their current flat and i felt trapped into them moving in and i didnt want them to but i couldnt say anything because i felt like i should have said it at the time and now it was too late and i'd be leaving them without anywhere to live..
and then miraculously our landlord suddenly announced he was increasing the rent!. and this person couldnt afford the new rent and couldnt move in (oh jubilant day!!) and thus they were removed from irritating me further and I wasnt to blame. hurrah!!
but then there was still the issue of the increased rent. I dont work. i just study a lot and get excellent grades because of it. I couldnt really afford more rent so i was concerned about that too now.
But the next day the landlord offered me an out from the rent increase in return for managing the flat (something i was doing anyway - ie for no change in my lifestyle or behaviour).

sounds callous and naive? like precog? or just convenient coincidence?

yeah.. i guess. I have a whole LOT of other examples but most of them are even colder and they could all probably be precog if you prefer to explain them that way. relationships have split up (and more seldomly, begun or developed) in near immediate conjunction with my silent inclination or preference that they do so. People have failed in tests, injured themselves or had other random kind of bad things happen to them just as i was pissed off at them or jealous of them etc.
A recent neat little 'coincidence' - i was supposed to give a presentation for a class at uni and i just didnt want to. it was very much a kind of childish oppositional feeling. this feeling got stronger and peaked the night before i was supposed to give it. Lo and behold the next morning the class was cancelled. The lecturer had gotten suddenly ill. (calm down. she's fine. she was fine the week after, as soon as she had resheduled my presentation for the last week of presentations)

People have suddenly appeared to help me just as i needed it. People have called me on the phone or emailed when i was thinking of them doing so.
i get very good micropk results.

hm.. has anyone else ever had the feeling that working on micropk practice negatively affects the quality of their rv/receptive psi performance?
like receptive and projective practice interfere with each other somehow? Like its almost a polarity shift or something.


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hmmm, so how does one know if they are actually 'influencing' or just 'precognating'? (yes, I know that isn't really a word).

Psiforce (sp?): Sure sounds like RI to me! Did you concentrate on it for long? Or just think it for a while? I wonder if your 'heightened' state made it (the suggestion) more *transmittable*?

Sonny: I could be wrong but are when you are attempting to RI, I understood you were supposed to speak in only positive terms... should not use negative references as in "do NOT look in the ashtray?" The idea is that your mind will reject the 'not' part and hear the rest of the command ie: "look in the ashtray?" Although, in your case it certainly seemed to maybe I am over-analyzing it? Do you have any other examples?

Morgan: Sure, I liked worries!
Do you concentrate on what you want or don't want? Or do you just say it to yourself "I want him/her to move out now!" kind of thing? Seems like it happens a little too often to be coincidence...sounds like RI to me...
If you have any other examples, I'd like to hear them.


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PJ: Yes, I think I have come across RI. I've noticed some things I will concentrate on something I want to happen..and it *almost* does or happens but only to a certain extent. It got me thinking...maybe I just need more practice or maybe I'm not doing it correctly...which is why I am interested in other opinions.

I ordered "Seventh Sense" by Lyn Buchanan so I imagine that will help enlighten me somewhat..I hope so anyway.


where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
Yes I agree.
Im sure telling some one where not to look .. would be exactly where they would look...

But in my mind that ashtray garbage bag didnt exist !
In my mind it was totally invisible..

And so it was ..

Would have been a whole lot of melted ice cream if it had been visible.


where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
In the army one time in 1973 in Wildflicken Germany on an training course, escape and evasion, my whole squad was captured by the enemy(pretend enemies) except me , I hunkered down next to the stump, they shined their lights right on me and didnt see me ! Could of been the camaflouge, or it could of been RI.. cause that whats I was saying to myself, "you cant see me".. and they didnt...


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Sonny that is a cool story! I tried that once too, in a question answer session at work...on a project that no one seemed to have any answers for..instead of saying "don't ask me, don't ask me because then I get asked FOR SURE LOL ...I just kept saying to myself "I am invisible!" and it seemed to work. I never got out of it before...but I forgot about that until you mentioned it!


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This is a bit off topic, but Sonny I had an 'entity' experience related to invisibility once.

Slightly more on topic, here's an account about a time one of my employees started acting like my thoughts were orders:


where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
Way kewl, then the office thing is awsome !
I happen to think that being (tired and sleep deprived) like that, put you in a state closer to your sub !

Also the meds that the cleric was on could have as well put her closer to a zen state ..this is absouletly amazing story!!


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definitely had a go at this and i think it works - didnt try anything unethical :) just little things like making someone talk to me at a party or making someone move out of their chair...its interesting to try with little things..its all either works or its coincidence (or precognition)


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I have been trying this too! But what I've that it *seems* it works best when it does not involve anything for me...the outcome or any kind of personal gain.
One of those weird universe-type things, I guess?


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interesting point...i wonder about personal gain and the issues of free will...i have tended to use it for getting into places - i once got a group of people into a gig free - that was very funny - i think the universe doesnt mind that in a sense because i was really wanting my friends who were all broke to have a nice evening which we did and to see them all happy - in fact i even ushered them to sit in the directors box...we all got in free and sat in the directors box for the entire hey? we werent harming anybody...i always consider the ethicality of whatever im up to...ive also used it for other private events i dont have a ticket for but i think the universal energies realise my spirit is operating in the general right direction....i once persuaded a security guy to let me into a posh private buffet that even the guests werent in yet and had a lovely private feast as of course it was still this is a kind of personal gain on a very small level but harmfree i think...perhaps the universal energies like my sense of humour? could say its the art of blaggery but theres more to it than that when youre using the calm mind....i believe fully in the power of RI....


try seeing the person doing what you want them to do. project your mind near them and say,for example,"phone me" and see them phoning you.repeat the command and repeat seeing the action. however,if they did phone you against their free will and you believe in such things,must you answer to karma??


PS: you may also see a tiny flash when the influence has taken and that is a good time to stop and wait.


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hmmm i wonder who you are groober :) you sound very familiar....ok will try your suggestions...and report back....i think maybe once it can be called 'an experiment' to see if it works...beyond that id need to sit down and have a good think about its power...

to add to this i got a text with this situation within a hour...


where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
Ah..I had a chance to try some R.I in a diff way, As a truck driver at a new job, I was told to bring in this load to the terminal for a repower, (where someone else will take over the ld and make the delvy) When I got there I was told to go and take it to a trk stop and weigh the load the policy was if its over certain weight it has to postivley be scaled out legally..
I informed her that I didnt know about this policy..and she says well now you do come back when you get er done..
I say well we have scales here at the term..but she says they are not certified..and I say ok...but then I talk with off hand style..about other rude..then I imply mental sympathy..

She is strong..she says its policy..

So I go sit down at the table where I am just in her vision..
sending out look at me..aint I just needing some sympathy...
In about 5 mins I am startled to look up and she is standing there with a paper and saying go ahead and weight it out was looking so pittifuly..i felt so sorry for you....

dont ever do this again tho..

I say yes meam..and I get to go home..after the weights..

It was not really so much as a push as it was a pull this time..
for a paticular emotion...

oh well its all within the scope of just pyscog..with mabe a tad of influence...after all who is to say in these things...


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nah this stuff really works when sounds like it really worked here...i think we can only believe it fully when weve tried it a few times in different situations.....though i think some people are far harder to work RI on than others i will say that...i think your ordinary regular Joe is ok and its effective with them...but anyone with complex issues its far harder...say an autistic person who misreads what you say ordinarily surely wouldnt they misread a remote influence thought too? just a thought....