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Remote influencing? Personal examples?



Druid,i am the same handsome 'groober"...

did you try this RI suggestion? in addition,you should try it as you drift off/awake,then the "will it work" element will not be a consideration. also,stop when you get a tiny flash,that means the RI has taken. as for a karmic or free will calculation,that's up to you.


PS: Druid, if that does not give you the results you ask for,i have 2 more things to add to it,but PM me for them.
hello Groober,

Its hard to maintain the yoda frame of mind with an emotive task however there was some small quick result but interestingly not how i expected! Perhaps have to wait until mercury goes direct tomorrow - all communications said to improve then - i guess that might include the RI kind...

Hello Dee2

I guess it depends on what youre trying to do...i just calmly believe what im saying to people...i feel thats the key with my previous mini successes - to be mindful of what energy youre putting out...so theres no point in trying to get in somewhere if youre panicking under the surface..i dont feel that would work at all...so to be mindful of what energy you are holding..as the other person will pick up on that...thats how i operate anyhow...there another word for it something like empathic influence? i find working direct easier so this type of projection is fairly new to me...



Dee2 [r 2 dee2??],

small steps at first. you may grow bored,tired or the phone goes. set aside 10-15 mins a day. and try when you are in that just drifting off/waking mellow mood.when if it works wont be important. the flash is odd,its white/green.youll know it when you see it.but,if youre there 10 hours later,wating for it...QUIT for the day and go do the washing up,missus!the process shouldnt be done in a staright forward manner and not a "i am a mother earth moon beam" mood.
Hello groober, Do you mean it SHOULD be done in a straight forward manner? is that a typo? im going to take i as that - its good to get different approaches....

do you think emotive tasks far harder? for example when you really want something to work too bad?



Hi Druid, i mean that the ACTUAL PROCESS should be done in a straight forward way. perhaps a bit like RV.
you know i really dont like quitting but when a personal task seems to require too much effort im never quite sure its going to work...i always feel that however i'll give this particular thing im up to a couple more goes...again personally emotive makes for difficult RI....?

this could get quite addictive in some ways....been sending out some basic but healthy thought projections...its very funny this stuff...im going to send out a number of experiments and see what happens...


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For some time now I've been practicing sending thoughts into people's mind's to get them to do things for me. Most of the time I keep this very simple and so far my success has been incredible.

The experiment I usually do is, as I'm sitting somewhat close to someone (let's say not more than 15 feet away), I "send" a thought into their mind's to "go home", or "You're tired, go home". I keep it very short the command, and I can't tell you how many times, people get up and leave after sending this just once, although sometimes I have to send several times, before I get them to leave.

I only do this as an for fun, it is interesting to see how well it works though.
Whether they *choose* to accept this information -- which everyone is probably 'subconsciously but not consciously' aware of -- is the interesting question. They often do, but perhaps that is because it is harmless or they don't care or your intent is stronger than theirs.

I used to do a lot of experimenting along these lines, when much much younger. There are other approaches than merely thinking thoughts in words, you know. You can imagine a sequence or dynamic, feel around inside you for its shape, and then "feel around inside them" for the energetic "shape" to "match", and then overlay/merge them (add some emotive emphasis during this, such as a sense of love and acceptance that encourages receptivity on their side). Er, you might want to stick to positive or at least harmless intents during this exercise, obviously... it works for healing on several levels, but is a basic 'intent-tech' regardless of the detail of its application.

There are many other "models" for working this, but that one along with simple thought always worked well for me.

Yes, RI has been around since the mid-1970s in government circles. The former Soviet Union conducted experiments of a hands-off "choking" nature with some documented success. The American book "Men Who Stare at Goats" was supposed to poke fun at the concept, but some successful experiments have been done in the U.S.

Personally, I prefer, have witnessed, and have participated in RI of a HEALING nature over the past thirty years, and my Ph.D. dissertation's three-volume work entitled "Acute Alteration of Biophoton Emission by Intention (Vols. I-III)" provides laboratory evidence of energetic effects at short distances.

Dr. Cleve Backster presented documented television evidence that showed a model walking along a San Diego street and being approached by a scruffy-looking fellow who demanded some money from her. At the instant she felt somewhat threatened, her monitored white cells registered extensive galvanic response spikes in the laboratory a block or so away...and the lab was, as I recall, on the third floor of that building.

In Kunming, China I observed hospital experiments on carcinogenic mice. Those with the longest survival rate were treated with chemo supplemented by remote healing. (The chemo-only mice had a stasticically significant shorter life span.)

RI is a reality; however, it is not given much credence by the scientific community. Fortunately for those of us who have ever had an ex-lover or an enemy, RI is neither intuitive nor easy to master.

Dr. Stanley Krippner, President of Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center in San Francisco once told me that the lab experiments with the most rigorous studies--the double blinds, etc.--have, overall, been parapsychological experiments. Yet, these experiments consistently are challenged--or disbelieved outright--because scientists choose to ignore the evidence.

I had one Oxford-educated friend in the scientific community who would actually lose his temper as soon as he heard the recap of an RI abstract, ha, ha! (I don't believe he ever once read an actual parapsychological peer reviewed manuscript.)

My friend was, however, representative of many university department heads. I believe it was Einstein who said, "Science advances...one funeral at a time."

Best regards,
interesting info. one thing I wonder about with remote influencing--the times i try to use an intention of remote influencing, it is for healing. I was wondering if we could accidentally cause negative effects when we do not have a conscious intent to remote influence in a negative way but do get extremely angry at someone--could it hurt the other person somehow, sometimes?


the dreamer
hi plodder, this is probably what is called a psychic attack...negative thoughts really can damage a person..thoughts are powerful things...i can feel if someone is angry towards me from another city..only just learning to deal with it...sure you can feel that too??
It's kind of hard for any of us to go through life without getting angry at other people sometimes and vice-versa. I would think that if we become more aware that there is a possible negative effect from this, then it would be good to try and cultivate a loving, peaceful state-of-mind. Yet, being aware that we are all only human, it might be better to consciously recognize anger when we feel it and not repress it totally so that it comes out in a more unhealthy manifestation later. Interesting to ponder, this road to greater self-awareness and personal (and collective) development.
I hope I,m not a bad person...but when I show my dogs I unashamably try to influence the judge in my favour...I never wish anybody else ill....I just try and mindmeld the result in my favour...on reflection I,ve always done this in one way or another...!!


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Well the way I see it, this is one of the normal dynamics in our world. I don't associate it with good or bad aside from 'intent' of course, and that goes as much for 'winning friends and making sales' as it does for 'psychic manipulation'. To me the real point is that just like anything else, these are valid factors in human interaction, and they are going to be "active" regardless of whether you are "aware" of them or 'doing something' about it or not.

At some level, everything is magic, from doing your dishes to selling someone something to the most esoteric ritual. It is all "the art of causing change in accordance with Will."

Crowley had a great response, when asked why he bothered to practice magick:

"Because you can't help doing it, and you had better do it well than badly."

I think that is really true for everything. When you go to a competition or a meeting for example, you ARE going to be interacting with and causing influence upon/with all the people there -- psychically, and physically --there is nothing you can do about that. It is going to happen because it's all a big psychic soup.

I figure the point of psi is "we are not separate" -- you couldn't be if you wanted to be, and the point of "awareness" is to recognize that, and to begin to put conscious intent into making our intent, our interaction, our influence, and our end-results in reality, more of what we want them to be. To quit 'living life by default' as Richard Bach once said.

So I don't see hoping to share good feelings with someone as in any way 'negative', even if the reason that sparked that effort was that you wanted them to buy your product or judge you well in a competition. What is the option, to 'pretend' that your feelings don't affect them, to think poorly or badly instead, once you ARE aware?

Because once you become aware of psi and its implications, you can't go back again, except into denial. Once you understand that your personal thoughts and deeper 'intent' are 'interacting' with all the people around you virtually and physically--probably to a far greater degree than any of us can even imagine--then it becomes a sort of obligation for one to act upon that knowledge in SOME way. The fact is, once you ARE aware, you really can't NOT act, except through denial or laziness; what I mean is the simple awareness creates the condition where even unconsciously you are going to be affected by it. So you might as well make the best of that awareness and put forth all the good into things that you can! :)



where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
Wow Pj !

Pj you write so well and I am glad to see you back in the forums !

I think another example is being pulled over for the speeding ticket.
I think everyone is guilty of wishing for that warning ticket.

I was in court one time over a speeding ticket, obvious my intent pushing
didnt work with the Tennessee High Way Patrol..

Any way got to see the judge, I explained my situation, got my ticket dismissed..!!

As I was walking out the baliff was walking with me, He exclaimed , 'This is your lucky day, In all my years Ive never seen Him dismiss a ticket !'

True Statement so help me....