Remote influencing? Personal examples?

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I am new to RI. About 6 or 7 months ago I was taking a computer based class on RV and came to an RI lesson. I almost went past it, but decided to see what it had to say. It gave step by step instructions on how to use it, with a lot of emphasis on only using it for positive things, never selfish etc.

I have a loved one in a nursing home. I had been trying for two years to get the staff to listen to me about some important issues. It was obvious by their attitude and actions (or lack thereof) that they were not listening to me, and my loved one was suffering because of it. So I thought, getting them to listen to me would help him, about as unselfish as you can get. There was a "family" meeting coming up so I decided to give it a try.

The evening before the meeting I projected the thought, "We will be meeting tomorrow. I have some very important information concerning 'Jimmy'. You will find it usefull in caring for him." I ran through that a couple of times when all of a sudden I felt like they got it. I felt peaceful all over and slept better that night than I had for those two long years.

The next day when we met they actually listened to me!! They asked questions, took notes, we even came up with a care plan!!! And they enacted it!!!

I suppose that the RI had an affect on me, feeling more calm and confident, that got their attention. But no matter how it worked, it worked, and 'Jimmy' is doing better now.


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It's been my experience that the most immediate, radical and permanent way of 'causing change in accordance with Will' -- magick, or changing your reality -- is via personalization techniques such as archetype meditations. In that model, you can work directly with the energies of anything in your life. You can simply use imaginative visualization on the elements you consider outside you (eg your family members in that case), or you can do it as a formal meditation (in the 'Inner Guide' model, see Edwin Steinbrecher's book by that title) and let your IG present you a 'conscious dream symbol' that is the combination of all relevant energies.

You work with it in positive ways -- you heal it, talk to it, use water/light/etc. "of love" on it, etc. -- and then you trade energy and merge with it. The result these have, depending on how well they are done, can be radical changes in reality, often very rapidly. In some respects the internal framework is a thought-form, so the more you do it and the more consistently, the more vivid, realistic, autonomous, and effective they become. They are often pale and/or uncomfortable at first but that changes greatly with practice.

I've studied a lot of things in my life, including a lot of occult techniques, some of which touch on what we call RI. I've yet to see anything in an RV framework that wasn't a sort of poorly rehashed metaphysics-101 on the subject of 'remote influence' -- that doesn't mean it doesn't work obviously, it just means that there are usually far better sources of information if someone is truly interested in that subject; Ceremonial Magick is better suited to it, for example. (Though the number of people well suited to CM is probably nearly as small as the number of people truly suited to RV, though.) It sounds like you did well with it. If you're interested in that, look up Steinbrecher's book, it's really pretty interesting.

The very term remote influence implies a great deal about belief systems; namely, a pointed disbelief that the individual has much to do with the creation of their own reality. Everybody's got their own framework, of course. But for me the best path to changing others, is internal work changing myself.

Of course "getting around to feeling like" doing that work is the most difficult part. ::) ;)


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You seem to have a lot of information about books on this subject (RI and RV) maybe you can suggest one that has a slightly less formal approach to RV. I have nearly finished reading the CRV manual (online) and I am afraid that trying to remember all those steps and abreviations will distract me from viewing. I have taken three lessons on RV, but about all they really said was, relax and it will come to you. That is a bit too informal, some structure would be nice.

I have found where I can get Steinbrecher's book. Thanks


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You might want to try the Silva stuff, search on that. This was 'psychic process' method prior to the release of 'remote viewing' info. It has some interesting visualizations and process approach that are geared to rapport, without being overly left-brain. PJ


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RI.. hm, if you consider microPK as a part of the domain then yes - I have been succesfully (a work in progress, though) influencing online poker random (hand) generator.

I am talking about NLH MTTs (No-Limit Holdem Multi-table Tournaments) - if one is interested to know.

Short story (stick with me for a sec pls)

At first (even though I was familiar with microPK/TK) I never really taken into consideration the use of this particular technique with online poker play.

But then, after I LOST a considerable amount (of what is considered to be good starting hands) on the river(*the last community card to be turned over on the table) I really started to think about the luck factor.

I realised that if one could succesfully (constantly) influence that, then the game will entirely change.

After even more bad-beats (ie. AA vs 53o / AKs vs Q5o) I noticed something very interesting. I was actually "calling" a bad card (for me, and a good card for my opponent) just by manifesting my fear of loosing.

An example for those familiar with the phenomena:

In the mid-stages of the game (thoughest part, as you know) I found myself holding a nice KK in my hand (furthermore, I was last to act - the best position in poker as you can see all the action of your opponents before yours, giving you a glimpse of what they might be holding).

3 players called the big blind (400 chips). I raised it up to 4.5x the BB (around 1800 chips). 2 players quickly folded their cards. Only one of them made the call.

The flop (first three comunity cards) came: 5c-Kc-9h

He checked. I bet 1/2 of the pot. He called.

The fourth card came: 10s

He checked. I was ALL-IN. He called.

Cards were turned face up: He had 10c9c

Guess what the river came? Yes, I was shaking and saying to myself (visualising really, even if I didnt want to loose) A CLUB card coming on the river.

River card was indeed, a Queen of Clubs giving him a flush!

It happened lots of times, and I was like inducing (remotely through my feelings) my own bad beat.

Sorry for the long story. But it has a happy end :)

Then, I started doing the opposite. It worked. I called for the Ace, it came (Once I NEEDED a 2 and a 3 on the turn and river to win. I kept my cool, didnt think about the money, just visualised a nice 2-3 couple coming and even FELT I already won) It happened.Its amazing. Remember its not an isolated event. Its not luck. Its my influence over the odds.

The technique invloved is really simple. I just visualise the cards I need coming before my eyes (I dont rush it) just before the dealer puts them on the table. Its a feeling of modest confidence so to speak.

I found out that when I need a "black" board (spades for ex), or a coloured one its easier for me to get it done at least 7-8/10. Focus and visualisation is the key I think.

We can talk more if you want to..

Thanks for listening. All the best. Rob