Remote Influencing yourSelf (RIS) Through Time


A workshop about Remote Influencing and BiLocation

Mel Riley - A "Charter Member" of the Army RV Unit will be discussing bilocation*
Marty Rosenblatt - An Expert in Precognition

____Remote Influencing yourSelf (RIS) Through Time____

Location: Hyatt Place Milwaukee Airport**
When: Saturday and Sunday November 5 and 6, 2011
Workshop begins: 9:00am

Remote Influencing can have ethical issues when being applied to another
person, but Remote Influencing your Self avoids all those issues because it
is simply using your free will to influence your life's journey ... your
journey through time with your consciousness.

Learn about RIS by doing it at this workshop to predict the future. The
approach is to combine Remote Viewing (RV) before the game with RIS after
the game. RIS, as applied in this workshop, is a form of RV. RV is a natural
human capability that was successfully applied in many ways by the
intelligence community and military for over 30 years, including
applications involving predicting the future - precognition.

RV/RIS is related to bilocation and quantum entanglement. For example, Mel
has had many bilocation experiences where he feels, in almost every way,
that he is at another location and time. The experiences are apparently so
real that he has been observed by others, in their location/time. While
bilocation is relatively rare, this phenomenon serves as a dramatic example
of a "handshake" through space/time where information is consciously

RV/RIS is all about improving the accuracy and reliability of RV
transcripts. RIS can improve RV reliability by influencing, by sharing
information with, the RV transcript based on the truth known after the game

Mel and Marty believe that one's individual spirit is at the core of each of
our journeys. And at the same time, the spirit of each of those around us
are to be honored ... the self and the group. There is great power and
potential in this reality, and so the RV/RIS protocol involves two
independent targets for predicting the outcome of one game. One target is
for the group, and the other target is a WildCard for you!

Come to the workshop to learn, discuss, and do, RV/RIS with Mel and
Marty. We don't have all the answers. This is a true workshop where we will
all be able to discuss, explore and improve our knowledge and appreciation
of RV, RIS and precognition. Mel, Marty and each participant will predict
the outcome of two games (one on Saturday and one on Sunday), leaving lots
of time to discuss these fascinating, fun, and important phenomena.

A take-away from this workshop will be a methodology, a protocol, for
continuing to improve your RV/RIS ability in a self-actualizing
fashion. Combine that with working with Mel and Marty, and you have a unique
workshop opportunity.

Register Now for only $295.00 to experience this valuable workshop.

Beginners as well as seasoned remote viewers will enjoy and learn from this

Join us and do RVing with Mel. Take the opportunity to enjoy two days
being with Mel, asking questions and learning from his stories and


*Bilocation definition from the CRV-Stanford Research Institute-Army Remote
Viewing Manual

f. Bilocation Break (Bilo Bk): When the viewer perceives he is too much
absorbed in and transferred to the site and cannot therefore appropriately
debrief and objectify site information ... a Bilo break must be declared and
objectified to allow the viewer to back out, and then get properly recoupled
with the signal line again.

**"Why at the Milwaukee Airport Hyatt?", we have been asked.

Because that is the airport that Mel can drive to from his home in

This is a rare opportunity to be able to talk with Mel Riley, in depth,
about his lifelong experiences with what is now called Remote Viewing. He
was doing it before it was called Remote Viewing.

The BBC Documentary called, "The Real X-Files: America's Psychic Spies ",
begins with Mel and discusses quite well the early RV history and shows many
of the people in our field.