Remote Viewing a Missing 411 case - Jaryd Atadero.


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This is a very nice production from Daz on one of my favorite subjects. In my opinion his assessment of the RV data was correct. This tasking had some inherently difficult issues to overcome, specifically the helicopter crash that occurred during the search which really made this a monster to overcome and get clean data. I congratulate the viewers on their efforts and of course the outcome.

I have a few thoughts on these session results retrospect of other tasking I have done which in no way do I want to to seem dismissive of the Daz's results but to add my experience to them. At the end of his presentation he states that maybe more tasking on this type of event would help filter the results (my words) and I would concur. I would love to see another task with the same viewers on an event that did not contain the element as dramatic as a helicopter crash. Often I have had viewers describe non-human or archetype when aliens or beings that are interdenominational are involved, so I am more inclined to say these were humans. None the less certainly the pervading jelly feel could be indicative of transdimensional beings and or shapeshifters. If you've ever tried to get a lock on a Lizzy, you know what I mean.

As front-loaded as this may be a couple viewers might want to RV - purpose. The POV of the child will be so subjective to his limited life experiences. Perhaps an opportunity for someone to channel those last moments?

This is a fascinating subject for me as it relates to dreams and experiences I had earlier in life. I actually wrote David Paulides last evening with one of my theories. He invites all theories from everyone

Thank you Daz for you wonderful youtube presentation. Just bringing the awareness to the world is a significant contribution!