Remote Viewing Practicum at TMI

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Remote Viewing Practicum
A Residential Program at The Monroe Institute
for Gateway Voyage Graduates

Remote Viewing is a perceptual skill that enables an individual to acquire and describe information about people, objects, places, or events. This information is perceived psychically and is  seemingly separated from the "viewer" and his or her physical senses by  distance, shielding, or time. Work at the Institute suggests that through the  experience of remote viewing, one discovers that he or she is truly more than a  physical body and consciously recognizes his or her true nature as a conscious,  spiritual being.

In recent years, the disclosure that a secret U.S. government remote-viewing surveillance program existed during the cold-war era  has increased public awareness of remote viewing as an innate human ability. In  the early 1980s, Robert Monroe's patented Hemi-Sync audio-guidance technique was  used by government remote viewers who found that this training process enhanced  their skills.

When Monroe's basic blueprint was incorporated with five behaviors common to successful remote viewers - relaxing, connecting, listening,  becoming aware, and reporting - performance consistency improved. And because  the Hemi-Sync process did not encourage dependence, with practice remote viewers  could learn to willfully and reliably enter propitious levels of consciousness  without the aid of the Hemi-Sync sound technology. Over twenty years later, this  unique performance-boosting training is finally being offered as a practicum for  graduates of the Institute's GATEWAY VOYAGE program.

F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater, Research Director at The Monroe Institute, is the primary trainer of  the REMOTE VIEWING PRACTICUM. Years ago, Skip was the Operations and Training  Officer for U.S. Army Intelligence remote-viewing surveillance program. He  worked closely with the scientific efforts of SRI International and trained  career-minded professional intelligence personnel to remote view. He then used  these highly skilled psychic spies to assess the security threat posed by a  hostile government's exploitation of remote-viewing surveillance and planned,  conducted, and reported thousands of remote viewing intelligence-collection  missions for a variety of US intelligence agencies.

Using the Hemi-Sync signals and procedures from the work Bob Monroe did with talented remote viewers  in the secret U.S. government project, this practicum is designed for the now  growing number of remote viewers in the 21st Century. The program employs a team  concept, a monitor/interviewer, a remote viewer, and a judge and each program  participant learns these different roles. The Hemi-Sync exercises include RV-10  - letting go and turning inward, a critical first step in remote viewing, RV-12  - connecting and listening, RV-15 - becoming aware, a crucial juncture for the  remote viewer, and RV-21 - space/time transcendence.

If you're interested in getting maximum performance from your natural remote-viewing talent, the  six-day residential program, REMOTE VIEWING PRACTICUM, at The Monroe Institute  in Virginia is for you.

For more information, visit The Monroe Institute's website page for the Remote Viewing Practicum, at

If you have any questions regarding the Remote Viewing Practicum, please call the Institute at (434) 361-1252. We will be happy to hear from you.

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