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"Keep Moving Forward"
Many are unaware that Remote Viewing played a major role in uncovering the truth behind
the destruction of Flight TWA 800 on July 17 1996.
Major David Morehouse former STARGATE remote viewer with the aid of 6 remote viewers produced and submitted rv data that supported the claim the plane was caught up in an unfortunate Naval Exercise involving Brookhaven Laboratories NY and the USS Normandy to 2 time Emmy award winning CBS producer Kristina Borjesson

Almost at once, eyewitnesses were being interviewed on radio and TV who reported that something strange had preceded the explosion of the 747. Witnesses, many on the ground, reported seeing a bright object "streaking" towards the 747. Witnesses reported horizontal travel, as well as vertical. The broad geographical range covered by the eyewitnesses eliminates foreground/background confusion. To be seen as being near the 747 from so many different directions, the bright object had to actually be in the immediate vicinity of the 747.

Other pilots in the air reported seeing a bright light near the jumbo jet before it exploded.
In the days following the disaster, many industry executives privately concluded that TWA 800 had been shot down.

ABC World News Sunday, 07/21/96, interviewed witness Lou Desyron, who reported, "We saw what appeared to be a flare going straight up. As a matter of fact, we thought it was from a boat. It was a bright reddish-orange color. ...once it went into flames, I knew that wasn't a flare."

The Washington Times, on July 24th, 1996, reported. "Several witnesses...saw a bright, flare-like object streaking toward the jumbo jet seconds before it blew up. ABC News said yesterday that the investigators had more then 100 eyewitness accounts supporting the [ missile ] theory."

The New York Post, in its story of September 22, 1996, reported,

Law-enforcement sources said the hardest evidence gathered so far overwhelmingly suggests a surface-to-air missile...
The FBI interviewed 154 "credible" witnesses -- including scientists, schoolteachers, Army personnel and business executives -- who described seeing a missile heading through the sky just before TWA 800 exploded.

"Some of these people are extremely, extremely credible," a top federal official said.

FBI technicians mapped the various paths -- points in the sky where the witnesses said they saw the rising "flare-like" object -- and determined that the "triangulated" convergence point was virtually where the jumbo jet initially exploded.

The New York Times, on July 19th, 1996, reported,

" [ Witnesses reported ] a "streak of light" hitting the plane just before it blew up."
And perhaps most tellingly, from the Associated Press, on September 23, 1996,

"...a source...said on condition of anonymity... ``There's metal bent in, metal bent out. Metal you can't tell. I see a hole going in and a hole going out..."

Morehouse claims the evidence he and Kristina Borjessons submitted to CBS bosses concluded
TWA 800 was accidentally shot down by a high powered Microwave SDI weapon* developed by
Phillips labs at Brookhaven NY. The weapon's intended target that ill fated night was supposed to be an unarmed Tomahawk missile drone fired from USS Normandy.

TWA 800 was in the wrong place at the wrong time (and just 4 months to upcoming
US presidential elections*)

CBS declined to produce Borjessons documentary and five days later FIRED her.
Her offices were raided by the FBI and all evidence and eyewitness data plus RV Work
was taken away.

Morehouse believes the Missile theory is a smokescreen to cover up actual cause of the
crash involving Phillips labs Microwave SDI weapons test at a time the Clinton administration denied any existence of an active SDI program as well as destroying Clinton's election hopes.

Below is an article where Borjesson talks about media censorship, cover ups and flight 800.

The Myth of a Free Press
By Alexander M. Dake

Kristina Borjesson, a client of Paraview Literary Agency, has been an award-winning independent producer and writer for almost twenty years. She has produced investigative documentaries for CBS, CNN and PBS. She currently produces and co-hosts the “Expert Witness” radio show on WBAI in New York and KPFK in Los Angeles. Recently Borjesson edited almost two dozen essays by leading journalists about the depth and breadth of censorship in American journalism and collected those in the book Into the Buzzsaw. It includes, among others, stories about POWs left behind in Vietnam, a Korean War massacre by U.S. troops, the CIA involvement in the War on Drugs, disenfranchisement of black votes in the Bush presidential election, and Borjesson’s own essay about the deception of the TWA Flight 800 crash. It paints a bleak picture of the role mainstream media play in American democracy.

Alexander Dake interviewed Borjesson about her views on the role of journalism in a democracy, conflicts of interests in the media, and cover-ups by governments and corporations.

AD: You are an investigative reporter. What is the difference between investigative reporting and more traditional reporting?

KB: Investigative reporting is not just about getting the facts, but also about why, how, and who. It usually is about how a system works and it is often about criminal activity. Successful criminals are among the most creative people. As an investigative journalist you have to be very creative yourself in following the trail of these criminals and that’s quite a challenge. It is an all-consuming activity of doing research and trying to be as creative as the perpetrators in uncovering what actually happened.

AD: How did you get involved in investigative reporting?

KB: First of all, I think that my subjects choose me more than I choose them. But more generally speaking, I am attracted to investigative reporting because of the way my mind works. I always want to get to the bottom of something. The first documentary I worked on was a biography of Thomas Merton, the Trappist monk. He was a big rebel in the Catholic Church, but also someone who made Catholicism and spirituality accessible to many people. He wrote a lot about what was wrong in our society. This was not typical investigative reporting, but I did go into much detail about Merton’s background and history. Later on I used these same skills for more controversial topics, such as in Legacy of Shame, a report about Mexicans crossing the U.S. border to escape poverty at home to work for low wages and no benefits on U.S. farms.

AD: Which TV programs are doing a good job at investigative reporting nowadays?

KB: I would say 60 Minutes and Frontline. Once in a while HBO does good work although often too much focused on sex and violence. Everybody does some good work sometimes, but Into the Buzzsaw shows that there are certain areas of interest to the American public, where journalists are not allowed to go. This is what I call the “black hole” of reporting. This black hole usually deals with high-level corporate and government malfeasance. Examples of the latter are dealing with institutions such as the army, the FBI and the CIA. Even though most of our tax dollars go to these institutions and their activities in the U.S. or abroad are done on our behalf, they will do their best in denying the American public from knowing what it is they are actually doing.

AD: If what you are saying is true, how do you explain the power of journalism in the Vietnam War, which was essentially halted because of media attention, and in Watergate, which was uncovered by journalists?

KB: Those were different times. On the one hand government has learned its lessons from those days and is better at covering up sensitive issues. On the other hand I think that the major newspapers and TV stations are now more driven by commercial interests than by the public interest. Just look at the ongoing concentration of the major media companies. I don’t think that Katharine Graham of the Washington Post if she were alive today would have made the same decision as in the seventies. The idea of serving the public interest was fairly strong in those days and is now almost completely ignored.

AD: These days many people speak of conflicts of interests in corporate America. Do you see a conflict of interest among journalists?

KB: Yes. You cannot serve a bottom line and the public interest at all times without a conflict. The corporate interest is to serve its stockholders, not a nation, nor its citizens. Also, if you would look at the corporations who own media companies and their news departments, then you would uncover so many areas of conflict of interest that there are hardly any topics left they could report objectively on.

AD: Robert McChesney, a media academic and contributor to Into the Buzzsaw, is highly critical of CNN’s decision to have two different versions of reporting of the war on terrorism, one for a U.S. audience and the other for a presumably more critical international audience. What is your view on having two versions of the same news?

KB: In some way you can present news differently for different audiences. But the fact of the matter in this case is that the bias of reporting in the U.S. on the war on terrorism is tantamount to propaganda. It is not necessarily just because the U.S. is pro-Israel. It is also because a lot of American reporters, even the experienced ones, are pretty provincial. They don’t always have a good sense of history or have cultural sensitivities. That creates a simplified and colored reporting, which can be dangerous.

AD: Your essay in Into the Buzzsaw deals with your experience in reporting the TWA 800 crash in 1996. What were your expectations when starting your investigation into this crash?

KB: Before I started my investigation I had no idea of what had caused Flight 800’s crash. My goal was to find out what had happened. But when I didn’t go in the “right” direction with my investigation, I ran into trouble, at first with the authorities and later on with my colleagues at CBS.

AD: What were your conclusions on TWA Flight 800?

KB: I felt that there was enough evidence to show that something hit that plane at high speed. I don’t have a smoking gun, in the sense that there is no doubt about what exactly did hit the plane. What I do show, however, is a pattern of deception throughout the entire investigation that the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board engaged in. I also show how the press went along with that deception and how certain high-profile members of the press were being used to lie to the public and denigrate journalists who were reporting things that the NTSB did not want to be reported. An example is that when the head of the FBI task force lies to Dan Rather of CBS about key evidence in the investigation, that is news and should be reported. In this case, however, due to the institutions involved, it was not reported.

AD: How do you explain that CBS did not want to continue with your story on this investigation?

KB: My assessment is that CBS’s senior Washington correspondent, Bob Orr, heard from his sources at the Pentagon that a missile theory was ridiculous and that a mechanical failure caused the crash. Bob Orr has then two choices: He can accept what they say, because they are legitimate news sources, or he can take their statements at face value and try to confirm that with other sources. He did the former, and in that way kept access to these top sources. If he had done the latter, his sources could have shut him off and he would be of no use as a Washington correspondent anymore. An institution like the Pentagon can not only shut off an individual correspondent, but even block CBS from having access to government sources.

AD: So who is more powerful, the Pentagon or one of the largest global media companies?

KB: The Pentagon, because there are so many ways for government to force media companies to follow its way. Examples are losing access to news sources, limiting the use of military satellites for broadcasting news, as CNN once almost experienced, and restricting the mobility of correspondents in war zones. In other words, a media company’s bottom line can be hurt severely.

AD: In Into the Buzzsaw you say that your experience with the TWA Flight 800 investigation changed your worldview. In what way?

KB: I was brought up in Haiti in the days of Papa Doc. It was very clear, then, that you followed Papa Doc’s rules or else you and your family would be killed. If you were, however, a member of Papa Doc’s elite you could do almost anything. When you grow up in a nation like that, you come to the U.S. with high expectations of a democracy and civil liberties. The U.S. is a nation of freedoms and liberties. However, since my experiences with TWA 800, I realized that here too there are tendencies which would fit in a dictatorial country. Don’t misunderstand me: For the most part the people working in government and government agencies are doing a good job, but there are abuses. Those abuses have to be looked at if we want to remain a real democracy.

AD: What do you try to achieve with Into the Buzzsaw?

KB: I am trying to show there is something fundamentally wrong with the system. I am trying to expose the black hole of journalism. I am trying to show people what they are not informed about. I am trying to inspire people that there are journalists who do expose at their own peril the things going on in our society. People, whether they are journalists or private citizens, have to work at a democracy. You cannot just sit back and focus only on making money, raising a family, and enjoying life. Every once in a while you need to stand up for your rights as a citizen of a democracy. In my case I just felt that I could not call myself a journalist if I had remained silent about what I found in my investigations. That is my contribution to this society and to democracy. Even though it wasn’t easy, I feel empowered, because even as one person I could make a difference.

AD: Let me quote Robert McChesney again, who claims that the “death of journalism has taken place over the last ten years.” What is your view?

KB: I don’t believe in reforming the current system. I think we should create a new system of truly independent media, where journalism means being non-partisan and trying to get to the truth, however hard it is to accept. Those of us who believe that are already trying to create a system outside of the mainstream. You can find it on the Internet, on the radio, and in some magazines. It is not just about independent-minded journalists, however. Without the involvement and support of private citizens a new kind of journalism will not survive.

Relevant Books:
Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press edited by Kristina Borjesson

Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky

Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs

Relevant Websites:
Sawbusters, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping journalists who are up against the buzzsaw

Expert Witness Radio, a weekly radio program by Mike Levine and Kristina Borjesson

openDemocracy, a non-profit website responding to a breakdown in decision making and understanding (click on “media” and read about media ownership), a site for independent journalism

Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc., a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting

Our Media Voice, a website campaigning for the voice of the public to balance the power of the media conglomerates

Independent Press Association, an antidote to monopoly media.

© 2002, Alexander M. Dake can be reached at

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"Keep Moving Forward"

Listen carefully at 15 minutes into the documemtary the former NTSB member
Dr Vernon Grose admission how the LEFT side of the reconstructed plane
is rarely shown and how he cannot explain what made an indentation on that side of the
plane seeing as the NTSB were promoting a right sided internal explosion at the time.

Morehouse claims the EM microwave weapon hit the plane on the LEFT side coming from the direction of Brookhaven. Flight path of the plane corroborates this conclusion.


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This is all a done deal for me. I had a personal friend in New York that day. When she got back to work she wanted to know what all the commotion was about. She said they watched videos on TV all day showing a surface to air missile being launched and hitting the airplane. They knew exactly what happened it was all an accident.

The most convincing fact of that whole thing for me is a Naval Commander who resigned shortly after stating the reason for is resignation was the accidental shooting of a civilian aircraft. The navy blew it off as a nervous break down and sent him packing. This is all true and verifiable.



"Keep Moving Forward"

“It was like turning a 747 into a microwave oven.” That’s how David Morehouse explained what happened to TWA Flight 800, after he delivered a remote-viewing report for CBS News—a report which was never aired.
“We originally started at the request of a producer at CBS to work in consonance with them to investigate the downing of Flight 800,” explains Morehouse.
“We used a team of six remote viewers. After having gone back in time and looked at the event, five of them did not say that a missile struck the aircraft, but said that it was an energy beam or a light beam and that the aircraft exploded. It was a light beam that could not be seen by the human eye. It was high-powered microwaves.
“We did a 32-page report for CBS on it; a lengthy investigation. We used a law enforcement liaison officer who was a retired US city cop. I was dealing with Ph.D.s who owned patents on fibre optic cables.
“It goes right back to the CBW thing in the Gulf War [the cover-up of chemical/biological warfare by the Pentagon]. The first thing that came out of the Navy was, ‘We had no exercise going on, none whatsoever.’ I saw the message from the Department of the Navy to the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] that said that from this time to this time—which was a time window that included the departure time of Flight 800—there was an exercise going on.
“The microwave that we think did it was built by Phillips Laboratories. It’s about the size of a Ryder truck, a moving truck about that size, which produces 1.4 gigawatts, a billion watts of power in a concentrated stream of electrons that are guided by a self-generated electromagnetic field. The footprint of this particular weapon can be anywhere. They can tweak it up or down. They can crank it down to a footprint the size of a basketball. They can expand it out to a footprint the size of a football field. Of course, the more you disperse the electrons, the less effective the beam is, but it’s still pretty nasty stuff.”
Morehouse, of course, had to deal with the usual denial.
“The executives at CBS said, ‘We don’t have anything that has that kind of range.’ It’s like the Ph.D. who installed microwave dishes around New York and New Jersey who told us that when the guys working on the Empire State Building go out on a platform to change the lights for Christmas, they wear flash bulbs in their pockets. The reason is because of the microwave energy from all the dishes and power mounted on the building. When they get closer than they’re supposed to be, it pops the flash bulbs. That’s how much ambient radiant energy is coming out of those dishes. If you were to stick a frozen chicken on the end of a fiberglass pole and stick it in front of a microwave dish, faster than you could blink your eye it would be charred black.
“Because of all the microwave dishes, the building next to the World Trade Center had the top 20 floors surfaced with a special film coating on the windows to reflect the microwave energy. All the employees in the building were complaining of ringing in the ears and headaches.
“We went through this analysis. We looked at the message traffic. There are seven military operational or warning areas off the coast of Long Island. Of those military operational areas, three out of four of them were active. They were joined together into an operational area that was code-named ‘Tango Billy’ by the Department of the Navy. This was an open-source message—the Navy just informing the FAA that these warning areas are off the coast. When those warning areas are active, the Navy tells the FAA. The FAA establishes what is called ‘Flight Corridor Betty’.
“I interviewed at least a half-dozen TWA pilots who said, ‘Yes, that’s right; I’ve flown Betty many times.’ They go to a VOR [VHF Omni-directional Radio range] in New Jersey. They break a hard left and they fly an outbound radial to pick up an inbound radial on the Nantucket VOR. They hit the Nantucket VOR and they break right and head for the European theatre. But they fly through an invisible tunnel in the air called a ‘flight corridor’. It’s supposed to be a safe corridor and they stack the aircraft in this corridor—aircraft going north-south, aircraft going south-north.
“So Flight 800 was in Flight Corridor Betty. It was late. The FAA doesn’t notify the Navy that ‘We have aircraft late on takeoff’ or anything else. There was also the USS Normandie, 35 nautical miles away from this area called Tango Billy, 10 or 15 miles off the coast of Long Island.
“There is also Brookhaven National Labs which was formed in the early 20th century by Nikola Tesla. It’s a miniature version of Los Alamos. There are people out there with Gamma clearances. There is a nuclear power plant and particle colliders there. The Governor of New York is trying to close it down because of all the radiation seepage into the water that is poisoning the people. It’s supposed to have the highest cancer rate on the east coast.
“And there is also a top-secret naval weapons testing facility adjacent to Brookhaven National Labs. They share the fence-line. This is a naval facility that is completely sterile; an airfield with no airplanes because everything’s locked up in the hangars. At night they roll them out and test them and do whatever they do. “From this facility they were trying to shoot out over the water into Tango Billy and, with a highpowered microwave weapon, kill a test drone Tomahawk missile that was fired from the deck of the USS Normandie. When that missile fired off, which was what everybody saw, they saw a drone climb, level off and head for Tango Billy.
“But what happened was the drone missile climbed and put Flight 800 between it and the gun. TWA Flight 800 was in the gun target line. “When you’re testing weapons, it’s an automated target acquisition device or, worse yet, manually acquired and fired.
“So you have some dork, and he looks at a bleep on the radar screen, knowing that he just got ‘Launch!’ over from the USS Normandie. He sees that bleep which is now really two bleeps— the Tomahawk missile and Flight 800. He presses a button that fires a high-powered microwave weapon.
“We presented all the evidence and the facts. We had satellite imagery that was purchased from the French. We had autopsy data from the French, testimony from Suffolk County medical examiners where guys had inadvertently revealed the fact that they had seen a flight attendant who had a piece of metal fused to her back. That doesn’t come from an explosion; that comes from a high-energy microwave beam that superheats metal and burns it into human tissue. It fuses it. It was cutting open cranial cavities; it was removing brains; it was dishing out eyes. It was doing all that stuff because a microwave beam on humans takes out all the ocular neural networks first. It fries the brain and fries the eyes; it hits the spinal fluid, the blood and the marrow. It boils the blood. It actually gels the blood. This sounds very gruesome, but it happens so fast that the brain doesn’t even have time to register pain. You’re dead instantly.
“Did it hit everybody in that plane? No. What it did, we think, was that it hit centre of mass, which would have been under the left wing, directly into the fuel tank in the belly of this thing, right near the galley. What it did was it fried all the analog circuitry in this aircraft because high-powered microwave weapons have an electromagnetic pulse effect, which means that they blow up solid-state circuitry. Everything inside this 747 that was run in the cockpit was all fed by analog circuitry, so all the digital readouts in the cockpit were frozen in time. And that’s why the black boxes which were recovered had no readings whatsoever. All the readings were eliminated, so it’s just like zeroing it out. That’s why they didn’t come back with anything on the black boxes. There was just white noise.
“When it was a deceleration injury, like the plane that crashed in the swamp in Florida, we could listen to what the pilot said right up the point when they went into the ground.
“Why would this be covered up? If a missile had shot an airplane down, rest assured that the Department of Defense would have said, ‘Golly gee, we’re really sorry; we did a missile test’ and paid off the surviving family members. They would have apologised. “But what happened was that Les Aspin, as part of the current Clinton Administration, told the American people: ‘We are now at the end of the Star Wars era.’ That is a direct quote from him. What he was saying is that you no longer need this defence—thus ending the ten-year-long debate about whether it was smart, safe or feasible for us to put space-based weapons platforms, laser microwaves or otherwise, into orbit around our planet.
“So he was lying to us because we’ve spent US$358 billion working on weaponry of this nature: Star Wars technology. “What was going to happen four months after Flight 800 went down? The November election of the President vying for his second term. It would have been the perfect stake in his heart if the wrong people got hold of it. They would have said: ‘You told us in ’93 when you took office, you liar, that you weren’t doing this any more. Now you are. You’ve been doing this.’
“So after the elections in November ’96, on the pages of Armed Forces Journal International, we proudly displayed the new airborne laser system which is a 747-400 outfitted with a chemical oxygen-iodine laser. The entire first-class section is all target acquisition and tracking. And now we’re going to build seven of them so we can fly at 55,000 feet, have a range of 480 nautical miles, and we’ll be able to burn a hole in whatever—somebody’s head, another tank, an airplane. It’s up there allegedly to protect us from inbound intercontinental ballistic missiles at the boost or post-boost phase.
“Seen any of those flying over us lately?”
Continued in the next issue…
Note: The second and final part of this article covers David Morehouse’s recent life as a whistleblower; CIA harassment and disinformation; remote viewing the Ark of the Covenant; encounters with angels and demons; Gulf War crimes coverup; the truth behind the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr; the future of non-lethal weapons and remote-viewing technologies; and more. A bibliography will be published at the end of Part 2.
About the Author of this article: Uri Dowbenko is a writer, photographer and unsyndicated columnist. He can be contacted through NEXUS Magazine.

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This was a big issue a lot of years ago online as I recall.

There's no longer any public link to this, but this old buried page on firedocs:
In the 'media/politics' section
In the TWA: A Deliberate Mystery? section
has a few things on the topic.



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PJ said:
This was a big issue a lot of years ago online as I recall.

There's no longer any public link to this, but this old buried page on firedocs:
In the 'media/politics' section
In the TWA: A Deliberate Mystery? section
has a few things on the topic.


Very true. That was a disgraceful period from a Remote Viewing
Perspective. It was probably the first time you got to see how
far some would go to manipulate RV and the public for nefarious
purposes. Disinformation in its most hideous form. May God have
mercy on the souls who engage in such practices.
Those that would lie to their own people to such an extent
are worse than scum.
David Morehouse was probably the ONLY viewer who redeemed
himself from this mess and was very brave to come clean
about disinformation not just about TWA 800 but some of his own
collegues in Project Stargate and their covert disinformation



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Filmmaker asserts new evidence on crash of TWA Flight 800


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tbone said:
Filmmaker asserts new evidence on crash of TWA Flight 800
I'm hoping the Naval commander who ended his career over this is vindicated. The Navy called him a nutter and dismissed his whole story, even though it was the truth.

Now if you want to peer into an even sicker truth, look at Egyptian flight 990. I've mentioned elsewhere on this forum that it happened the same way JFK JR was killed. An MKUltra graduate made it possible there was a Senate position available in New York State so Butch Klinton could run, it also kept JFK JR out of contention for the presidential run he was contemplating when he was removed from the game.

Keep looking the truth is out there.