Remote Viewing Videos and the FeedBack Loop


Does anybody know of a Remote Viewing Video pool either on a website or maybe youtube? I think it would be a great idea to compile videos of sessions both for learning/educational purposes but also for sharing good work/sessions for others in the community ( personally i love seeing a good session) . We all know what a session looks like once its completed on paper but many wonder what is it like while the session is happening? I think there is much to be learned by watching others as they work sessions. Both in on target and off target sessions, there is always something to be learned.

I have gotten into the habit of video taping my sessions and have found that a video provides much better material to compare against feed back at the end of a session. On my video sessions my body language facial expressions and many other subtleties (most of which are involuntary and subconscious) are recognized only after I watch myself on video, things that a stack of paper cannot record . For example, lets say you do 4 s3 sketches of your target area, at the end of your session you have the sketches but you may not remember HOW you drew them.. did you hesitate? was it automatic?smooth? when you were off target did you sketch differently? .. when you got the really intense perception of a flash of Bright green did you remember that your head flew back in surprise? When you had the perception of smoke in the air did you remember you put your hand over your neck in a gesture similar to "choking"?.. or which way your head or eyes darted (nlp) when you had certain perceptions... details like these can be lost in a session when you are working solo and not recording yourself on video . Its almost like being your own monitor because you can watch yourself work the target in detail afterwards and not just go through what you wrote.

It makes sense that the more feedback you can get more you can learn from the experience. Ingo stressed the feedback loop as being one of the most important aspects to improving remote viewing accuracy ... so why not scrutinize your sessions in greater detail through a medium such as video recording? My viewing has improved exponentially by watching myself on video as opposed to only going over my paper session along with feedback.
I know there are a few viewers (crv) who have videos of blind sessions online, would love to know if you have any crv videos to share, and what you think of the whole concept of more in-depth feedback through video recordings.
Excellent observation.

When i began to do some monitoring for a friend, i was surprised how little of the remote viewing experience was actually objectified on paper. It has been a pleasure to monitor because you get to see a lot more than you would if you would read the summary of the session or even review the session line by line. a lot of data is lost when you rely on paper. video as you noticed captures a lot of the non-verbals.

other thing to do would be to have a second camera pointed at the viewer's face so that you can see facial muscles and eyes. they also encode a lot of information.