- an updated, essential RV resource


Hello, many of you may be familiar with Jon Knowles' One20+ (or 120+) list of remote viewing links.

Today we are announcing a relaunch of the site as Please update your bookmarks and any links you may have on personal websites. Jon should start redirecting from the old URL soon, too.

There's a full announcement here, if you like.

Improvements from One20+ include:

  • Search box
  • Index menu with topics and subtopics
  • Modern, minimalist interface
  • Mascot (of arguable worth)
The site is still a quick and extensive list of links to the most essential remote viewing websites, videos, communities, and publications on the internet.

We hope to see you there, and invite you also to r/remoteviewing on Reddit, which has hit 30K members today. (We have had the pleasure of hearing from RedCairo on occasion.)

-jrb AKA Grin Spickett