Repeating ideogram


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Some have said that if an ideogram repeats twice in a row, it means the ideogram was decided incorrectly. Is this the case for all of you?

I was doing a session today and had about 2 pages of the same ideogram repeating. I'm not sure if it means I'm deciding it incorrectly, or if my subconscious is trying to send me a message to move on.
From the CRV manual, emphasis mine:

"If at the iteration of the coordinate an ideogram is produced and then decoded with the wrong “A” & “B” components, or not completely decoded, upon the next iteration of the coordinate the same ideogram will appear, thereby informing the viewer that he has made an error somewhere in the procedure. On rare occasions, the ideogram will be re-presented even when it has been properly decoded. This almost inevitably occurs if the site is extremely uniform, such as the middle of an ocean, a sandy desert, glacier, etc., where nothing else but one single aspect is present. "

Janine B

It might make a difference in what type of ideograms you produce and how many you do... My subconscious prefers multiple ideograms--so I may get something like "land", "manmade", "object" and "bio(s)" all in one ideogram. Those may be the only gestalts at the target. However, I also have times when I may only produce one or two gestalts in an ideogram, although that is more rare. My preference is usually to continue doing additional ideograms, even if they repeat. I do this because, for me at least, it seems to help establish a stronger connection between the target and myself when I repeat the ideograms several times. When I am having lots of trouble with that connection, I may just do a whole sheet with nothing but ideograms...until the feeling gets a little clearer.

I also take frequent breaks during my sessions (I admit I am very slow!) and come back to the sessions later. When I do this, I often repeat the target number and re-cue myself--I will also frequently do another ideogram...or at least trace over my earlier ones. I don't know if this is of any help, but it is what I do.