RV and astral projection

Hi, I'm new to this website and was reading a few posts and am curious about the difference between RVing and Astral projection. RVing is referred to as being an OBE ... and so is AP. So if both are an OBE ... is time travel possible in AP?

From what I understand, RVing knows things the conscious does not ... how does AP fit in? Does AP only allow you to visit places the viewer has been ... then does AP act as a sort of 'training device' to learn how to move and navigate in that RV realm?


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Lol, you dont need Astral projection or anything else other than a very calm state of mind to time travel.

Rv - is not a form of OBE - the viewer is comfortably sitting in their body when they view. This is not to say that miniscule parts of you may interact with miniscule parts of the targets, but essentially 99.99999999999999999999999% of you is in your body - wherever that may be and according to which model of physics you follow.

I suggest you read the Astral Projection books of robert monroe - they can be obtained thru amazon or many other places - they can answer your questions far better than we probably could.


There are NO limitations in ANY form of psi - this includes astral projection. We can ALL move forward and backwards in time, when and however we want - you just have to truly believe its possible - then it will be.



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There are NO limitations in ANY form of psi - this includes astral projection. We can ALL move forward and backwards in time, when and however we want - you just have to truly believe its possible - then it will be.
Completely awesome when you think about it, I've had questions answered for things that there are no longer any living people that could have known, and yet the answer given seems like the only plausible solution.


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Remote Viewing (or CRV, as I practice it, at least) is nothing like Astral Projection. Not that I`ve a great deal of experience with OBEs but the few short ones that I`ve had since working through Robert Bruce`s manual have been all-encompassing near-visceral experiences.

I`m talking about entire body pulsing with vibrations as if you`re wired up to some weird cosmic generator...hands melting in front of you...thinking you`ve got up out of bed and are brushing your teeth before getting sucked back into your supine body and being paralysed for minutes until the vibrations subside.

Hardly the alpha-state scribblings involved with CRV. From what I`ve read OBEs involve the duplication and projection of one`s energy body into various astral realms. Remote Viewing is more like the extension of a personal aerial into time/space. Sure you can get momentarily lost in the happenings of a target site but I think this is more a case of mental absorption than the achievement of any real `out of body` state.

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Yeah... some I think depends on the method.

For example, the ERV method in real altered-state may get closer to the OBE or LD states by far, than CRV would. I have actually been in session before and gone so far along the altered state spectrum that I ended up in a lucid dream or out of body experience. (It can happen even in CRV if the process of target contact actually gets you altered enough. CRV does start utterly alert---but the process itself is an 'induction' of sorts; it's expected by tradition that it remains alert, but one is usually in a diff state of mind by the time it's through than when they began.)

RV is geared toward recording information, which means it generally helps to be 'in' your body for obvious reasons. Some people do use the OBE state as a psychic functioning state. I don't think it would much work for me. It always seems like when I'm in that state (which has its own spectrum actually, so it varies), reality is only half-matching the physical and the other half is something... else. I find it enough work to translate and communicate data in RV via the ordinary formats; I don't think adding the reality-distortions I have during OBE would help my process. Who knows, for some folks it might work well, though!



At least we don't 'think' there are any limitations on rv as far as we know given current knowledge (which admittedly ain't much). Seems like for most if not all people, the subjective experience of rving tends to be different from that of astral projection/OBEing. What exactly is happening during each action and how exactly they differ or are the same I think can't really be known right now. They could be totally different animals or just varying positions along a continuum of levels of mind travel.