RV by blind people...

Janine B

I am curious as to whether or not blind people can *see* while remote viewing. I thought I had seen something on this a long time back, but it is difficult to search history when using words like "blind" and "rv" as they are so common. Does anyone recall any research or stories about this?



This is a very interesting question.

And a similar thing is those that do out of body travel, how is it they can see, when they have left their eyes and brain in their body?

Janine B

@Katz - I see the *knowing* and *seeing* abilities as separate, although that may not be so. But, when I view, it is a different sensation. With knowing, knowledge just comes; or if bi-located, I seem to be in a central area and knowledge enters from all directions, whole unto itself; the other seems to be strictly a visually-oriented knowledge, I only know what I seem to visually *see*.

@Slorri - yes, I have wondered about the OBE phenomena as well. It may be that people perceive in the common ways that they do through their senses; in which case, blind people would perceive how they normally do....but, I seem to remember reading something which contradicted that, some account by a blind person who remote viewed. Unfortunately, I don't recall where I saw it and it has been some time back. I have asked myself more than a few times how I can see when I am not in my body; the theory that we are always in our body makes sense to some degree--or it can be argued that we aren't using our actual eyes in any case, but receiving some sort of electrical input into the neurons...but it is still body-based. Very puzzling.

Janine B

Alex...no, I'm not blind. I realize I was jumping around in the above post, trying to first look at it from a blind person's perspective and then switching gears and trying to respond to the question about seeing while out-of-body that Slorri posed. I had once, a long time ago, read an account about some blind person being able to *see* while remote viewing, but have no idea where the information was, or if that person had ever been sighted or not. We use the word *see* in many contexts, though...maybe I was misinterpreting what was written.


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Janine: Remote Viewing is tough enough to do well with all senses intact. Since you are NOT blind why .... ?

I was blind for 2-3 days as a 3 year old, when I suffered a serious head injury, falling off a chair hitting my head on a marble floor.

I can recall it vividly. I could see a thing.. totally black. However, once I could "feel" the object (with my hands) it was easily visible in my minds eye on a black background. The more objects I felt the richer my minds eye picture became. NONE of that has any correlation what so ever with Remote Viewing.

Janine B

Alex...I am naturally curious. As people do not see through their eyes when viewing, I wondered it it were possible for them to gain that same information through their mind's eye or psychic viewing. I realize it would be difficult for someone to remote view AFA sketching, etc. goes. Just something I've been curious about and when the question came up on another forum, I got curious all over again. :)

Sorry to hear about your accident when you were young. That is a difficult age to understand what is going on.


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I don't remember where I read it , something to do with how blind people dream...
As I recall the article says that blind people that have had sight but lost their vision, after a coulple of years they lose or rather quit dreaming in visual modes, but dream in sensory modes other than sight.....

if someone else looks up the article than they can make an more informative posting ,

I would think that the other senses would make rv a possible , but the senses of how it relates to with what they have encountered with what is known in their own personal database,
aol interp... I think of rv as often as a mind charades game with what we can relate to what is within the minds eye and what is the target unknown we (I)call upon how the images relates and or symbols as it were vs just pure data as some like to do. I think hard, soft, are great adjectives , but too generic imo... just saying..

I see when I am in rv mode ... the same way I see in dreams... sometimes its striking visual sometimes its a flash...


I did a quickie practice with visual charades in mind, if you look at the session you will notice the desert floor is full of eye shapes, and if you ever looked at an open cig pack of cigarettes you can see the circle 's in the sand shapes as well ,,not correct data via rv standards, but visual comparative charades.

I bet a blind person could rv the sounds , smells, how a location feels, for any target , in a sensory specialty sorta way.

I went ahead and found the article.. but I didn't read it the 2nd time...



where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
I read some of the article about the rem vs eyesight person vs blind person.
The rapid eye movement shows dream sleep for eye sight type people but not necessary for blind person !

I think this is significant that dreams are related to how we see and with what or how we interpret our surroundings .

This shows that the rapid eye movement is a person in a dream is trying to visualize what the mind is seeing by using the eyes in the physical body, where as
the blind person no longer is using his or her eye movements , as a means to interpret the dream stage for what is called rem , but the stage of r.e.m.
is a descript for seeing persons , I wonder how an active mri scan would differ between what parts of the mind would light up.

Janine B

Great response and article! Thanks for posting, Sonny. I dream in color, but for some reason as I cross that luminal boundary back to wakefulness, I can see it fade to black and white before I am completely awake. Not sure why it does that.


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Slorri said:
Ryan Thuku can see while blindfolded?

Super abilities! As usual, my fear is by the time the child is 15, if he still has is abilities, he'll either be dead and disappeared or some government will suck him up and use him as a tool. Did you ever ask yourself how these prodigies spring up all over the world and so few in the US? Between the US gubermint programs and the alien hybrid programs, well it is a tough way to go. Best keep it under wraps until you're old enough you can't be turned.