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What's a good way to begin learing RV? There are a bunch of websites that offer training all over the country. What does anyone think of some of these courses? Has anyone heard of Dr. Angela Thompson Smith?

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Checked out 4 different teachers. Took courses from two separate sources. Switched to present teacher after 1st got weird. So I would highly reccomend Lyn Buchanan at Problems Solutions Innovations. He learned from Ingo Swann. And besides being in the operational RV military unit, he also taught several of those in the unit as well. He is a great guy. Have taken his beginning, intermediate and advanced courses. They are taught personally by him. Small classes 4-6 people. He REALLY knows this stuff. Go to www.crviewer.com.
And no, I don't work for his company. Just think he's really good. Best of luck!


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Buchanan wasn't taught directly by Swann, but by Paul Smith, Skip Atwater, Bill Ray and others in the unit. He was in the unit for I believe it was around 8 years.

Both Smith and Atwater also train RV as well, Atwater via The Monroe Institute which is a residental course.

Angela Thompson-Smith (former sister in law of Paul and former research assistant at PEAR Labs) has a board here at TKR with some info about her training that you can check out.

I would guess that all four of these sources have value as instructors. I trained with Buchanan and with Smith. Not yet with Atwater but I've done two courses at TMI and I imagine it's a very cool setting and approach to RV. Angela tends to teach both CRV and ERV and often charges less, if that's any consideration.

All four of these individuals have their own websites with information:

Paul Smith: http://www.rviewer.com

Lyn Buchanan: http://www.crviewer.com

Angela Thompson-Smith: http://www.nevadarvgroup.com

Skip Atwater: http://www.monroe-inst.com


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Thanks again for the great information. Are any of the instructors particularly good with novices? I'm well read on the subject just have little practice at applying it.