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Yesterday I was viewing practise targets one of which was Eureca Springs ( Arkansas) characteristic rock formation. I did not get the target, but I did get the site in a broader meaning. I was particularly attracted to the springs, fresh sweet water, waterfall, fish, wilderness and the natural beauty of the area. It was a quick session. Later when I got the feedback, I learnt that Eureca Springs is famous from its healing waters which properties were discovered by the Native American tribes ages ago. They mentioned Sioux tribe and the legend according to which there was a sacred place there. I wasn't contemplating this target too much and I moved to the next one.
This night I had a dream in which I was resting on the reclining ( kind of ) chair and I had a strong perception of healing going on. I remember realisation in my dream that this must be a healing. There was nothing which would suggest it. I remember a word "shamanic" in my head while dreaming and the most amazing thing was the music. It was the Native American, tribal music, sounding as if it was in the real life, so vivid, for at least couple of minutes ( dream time perception). There is no way I could re-produce this music now, but I was in my dream almost shocked I could hear something like this so perfectly, every sound, every instrument so clear as if it was around me. This dream or rather this sequence of the whole dream somehow finished ( I can't remember how) but I did not weak up and I remember I continued to dream but the rest of it was like a different story.
I have never had any particular interest in tribal music, so there is no way I could compose anything like this in my head. I wish I could! If it was anything I heard years ago somewhere ( picked it up at a cafe or somewhere else) and just played it in my head, I don't know. Is it possible that when rviewing we pick up much more than we realise and we are able to process, and this new knowledge is now resting in our subconscious and getting to the surface as it pleases? Or the dream was a consequence of the contact I have made with the site and there is more to it than just the subconscious?
Did anyone have a similar experience?
Wow! Good for you!

once you lock onto a target, you probably share part of yourself with it. there is a reason why lyn buchanan advocates detoxing. perhaps your energy gets merged with teh target somehow. I would love to have an experience like yours.

I have quasi-"RVd" in the dream state several times. once i opened the feedback link in my dream computer linked to coordinates in a dream-email to see the dream-feedback photo prior to viewing/and actual feedback in reality. the dream feedack photo was a good but not exact match for the feedback photo in reality.

a memorable experience involved finding the flaw in a computer of my tasker (blind of course). it was a search-and-locate kinda task. in a dream, i found myself lookking for a lost object in a urban yet hostile environment. Unbeknownst to me, the computer that was the focus of the search and find tasking crashed around the same time as i was dreaming. during the actual RV session when i was viewing the computer, it crashed again. the tasker's computer apparently "never crashed" so teh crashing were unusual in his view and at least in our view probably linked to the viewing. while correlation does not mean causation, at least it raised the possibility that RV during the dream and waking state are related.

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Interesting topic and great experiences you have had!

Slightly off topic, but related; do any of you ever have what I call *teaching* dreams, where your unconscious/subconscious/whatever it is seems to be present and guiding your dreaming in particular ways to show you something and helps you to understand the lesson before the dream is over? I may not be putting this very well...



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I know what you mean. I have only read about it, but never experienced it this way or I am too ignorant ( unintentionally of course) to know that it was meant to be this way.
Many people keep dream diaries. I suppose some remote viewers have them too. It would be interesting to know how RV in waking state "translates" into dreams and whether acquisition of data this way would be more effective if one learns to control them. I guess there are not too many people doing RV and be able to control lucid dreams but nonetheless it would be interesting to hear. I think that RVTrainee's experience was quite close to it.
It touches ERV a bit but I am not sure whether it could come under this category.

I hope to have dreams like that in the future.

From what i have read dreams like that do happen. The term "night school" refers to the idea that dreamers go to a "school" when they go to bed and receive lessons. I have met at least one person in reality with that kind of experience. PJ i believe writes about that in her book so her online book might be worth reading.


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Thanks for the directions. Incredible. While looking for PJ's on-line book, I have found posted on her blog "Psiche" ( happy to know about this too) the recollection ( sorry for too simplistic wording as this is much more than that) of her recent dream titled “This is a Locked-Door Planet”.


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Solaris: It makes sense that one would draw from their experiences to create their dreams. More often then not I dream every morning.. and remember parts of it.. It's often clear that my dreams where a played out creation of my prior days thoughts and experiences. I always marvel at just how creative they are.. seemingly scripted in the most clever and sometimes bazar ways.

So it only follows that when you view a target your conscience actually "travels" to the time and place of the photo... You experience that location just as, or sometimes more, depending on the depth of your session, you would experience anything in the 3 dimensional world. It is logical that your dreams would draw from either of these experiences as if constructs a dream.

now there are times when dreams can be truly precognitive...drawing from event(s) that that have not happened as yet. I have experienced this, but only once that I can recall. It was August 28 2001. I was with me family on vacation. Two days in a row I sat up startled from a deep sleep and told my wife what I have just dreamt.. SINCE it was so vivid and upsetting... The second day it was easier for me to draw my dream then describe it. I drew a tall vertical rectangular element, 2/3 the way up I drew things projecting out horizontally from all sides in a random pattern.

A week or so later Sept 11 2001 the WTC towers in NYC collapsed. My sketch was identical to the tower exploding and my first dream was my wife and I standing on the shore of a body of water (perhaps NJ) looking across at lower Manhattan where a building was collapsing... the fellow next to us said "no one could have survived that". A moment later, my wife and I were at the site pulling people out of the debris.

I had no idea on Aug 28 what that was...or meant, It turns out my wife arrived in NYC Sept 9 or 10 and was down near the site feeding the police and firemen from a church soup kitchen...

So dreams can be more then just a recount of the prior days events... but most of the time that's all they are.. Alex


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We dream for approximately 1/3 rd of our life. I wonder how much we draw from our dreams living our lives ( in opposite to drawing from our waken state experience to dream our dreams).
Actually, dreaming has an important role in information integration and consolidation. this means that all of us draw on our dreams in our everyday lives, whether we remember them or not.

Also, those dreams are sometimes models for reality and living as well. they definitively play an indirect role in our lives as material for thinking, feeling, and acting. just my 2 cents