RV: Madeline McCann

Remote view little girl Madeline McCann missing in Portugal.
In same town as hotel where last seen, not many miles away.
Unfortunately not alive. Searchers need different type equipment. In long narrow, shallow box. Buried. Metal to ground. Metal detector needed to lead to poor child.

I am new to remove viewing. I can draw but see in my mind better. Remote view listed above. What is in my mind from remote view drawn: see hotel, see narrow path from hotel. Path leads to road, large boulder where to turn, metal could be shovel left behind, thrown out within a mile of burial.


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It’s likely the admins will want to move this post because it’s not on ARV. That aside did you do this session blind or frontloaded?
It is okay if it is moved. I am new here. I didn't know where to put this.

I don't have remote view training other than reading Ingo Swann's website and Moneagle's website pages. I am at fault. I am not a professional.

I don't know what you are asking. I will be studying this website so I can learn.

I have no classification for what I do. I put paper in front of me and concentrated. Then I wrote nothing down because I saw it in my head.

I asked for my shaman spirit guide to show me the path for the little girl. I knew where to start because of the remote view that I began. I knew where to stand on the path to ask.

I am like Ingo Swann. I combine rv with other aspects of me.
I have bloodline from the tribe that is known as Delaware.

I will learn RV the proper way. You will help?


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A blind target means you got the data with out knowing the question until the end of the session. A frontloaded target means you know the question before doing the session. You’re response clearly indicates you where frontloaded.

Many people including the owner of this forum and Joe McMoneagle do not consider any frontloaded session to be remote viewing. My views are not quite so dogmatic on this. I think a session by an experienced CRV. TRV or SRV viewer can still be considered remote viewing if frontloaded. I’ve found my keys or wallet shortly after a frontloaded RV session a couple of times when I had spent hours looking them before the session. Even so I favour blind sessions in every situation where it is possible. I had done hundreds of blind sessions before I did anything frontloaded, and have not done anything frontloaded this year.
Thank you. So I need to erase what I wrote because it wasn't remote viewing. I have to question though that if frontloaded yields a more detailed rv why it would not be as valuable? Mine wasn't detailed. But what if I develop remote viewing skills that become very detailed then frontloading would be a positive?

If for instance I look at a map and I can tell you from being around the map where something will happen. If I did not know until I have the map, then I am not frontloaded; correct?
If I take that precog that then gives me location and I do an rv that gives me details, then that is worth doing if it is correct?

Perhaps I came in the wrong place.

I appreciate your answer.

I'm going to approach a map without a place in mind and list what I get from the map. Then I'll rv. Then I'll ask my spirit guide.

Then I will be placed in your crazy people section?


Rightfully so?
I have gone to a map.

I went with no preconceived notion.

Western edge of Russia, Estonia area area, before Estonia and not quite to Finland.

That is perhaps dowsing? That is where I feel, and see.

Now I could simple rv the area. Am I frontloaded now if I still do not know the why? I know what is coming to my head now but I ignore that and will rv.
Tell me what I do wrong if possible.

I'm ignoring what is coming in "frontloaded" now that I know the area, because that would not be remote viewed. So I'm wiping it away.

I'm going to remote view now and come back to this.


I never have any paper when I need it.



okay question.

What if I now give the target a number? I know location somewhat but not what. So if I give it a number and do this from here strictly by rv form, does that count? Will that work? Could I develop it that way? would that be wrong?

I'm giving it a number E45. I don't know why. I just like that number.

What if you try to remote view that number too?

What if we compare rv's?

cool experiment?

my simple rv perhaps done wrongly but I tried. This is for E45.
I could look up Estonia area but no reason. I like challenges.
It's not quite as far west as Estonia so would not matter to look it up.

Remote viewing I get water -- I have the center of my paper filled with waves of water, deep waves.

Muddy in front of the waves. Muddy is at the bottom of the paper before the water. Mud, then water. I have a plus sign in the muddy area. I don't know what that means.

To the top left side of my paper I have sketched a tall, narrow building. It has a deep, long roof. It is similar to a tower. It touches the water, or the water comes almsot up to it.

Do words count on an rv? Is that wrong? I have a word partial I don't know what it is.

That's my rv.

I tried.

I am still learning.
It's not good is it?
Spirt guide Shaman tells me terrorist activity. Boat from ocean. Men in uniform marching into area. Boat on way as now. Three different groups will clash soon.

I shouldn't mention anything from spirit guide when doing rv if doing correctly?

I will have to train myself to not do that.


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You might find this link helpful: http://www.tenthousandroads.com/BOTTOM-INSERT-PROTOCOL.shtml


Why not train your ability first to be sure that you are RVing and not only to fantasize about something?

Let someone hide an object (a key for example) anywhere around your house or maybe in your town. Then try to find that object through your abilities. You need to know if your perceivings are correct to claim that you are RVing or being psychic or however you want call it. If any of your perceivingsare imagined and not true, you need to learn that ability first.
Wouldn't that be more like a trained monkey doing tricks? Hide the ball? Find the banana? I have watched dogs be trained to find drugs. Is that what I want to do? No. Is that what Spirit Guide would want me to do? Possibly, if it humbles me first. I have done that, then.

I am here to learn on this site. I was guided to this site. Perhaps I mistook the path shown to me. It is possible.
Perhaps you should allow some patience to me. How can you know if it is fantasizing or real unless it is allowed to reach fruition? This is just my second day here.

Do you know how long I have had my gifts? A long time. Do you know how long I have ignored my gifts? Very often. Do you know that my spirit guide, from my own bloodline, did not show himself to me until I had learned my lesson of humility.

I am here. I hope to learn, not to run. I won't stay. I will learn something before I go. Perhaps another lesson in humility.
If so then nothing lost.

My totem is the turtle. It is slow and patient. It has a hard shell I can hide beneath.


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There is a big difference between umping through hoops for the sake of it, and staying within protocol so it's clean double blind RV.

I understand what you're saying about "doing tricks" but the bottom line is that double blind practice can make you really good at this. Much better than frontloaded readings, valid as they may or may not be.

Keep at it!


hm.. doing tricks implies you are doing it for someone else.
you arent.

one trains in order to polish ones own ability. It is necessary to test yourself to become aware of your current capabilities. If you are not able to find a simple key hidden within the few tens of square metres in your most familiar space, then you should perhaps at least *consider* working on these simple skills before you take on more ambitious projects.

As for humility.. I am humble. I realise that if i do not maintain an accurate perception of my own ability through self testing, in order to ascertain how reliable my gift is and under what circumstances i am inaccurate, then i run the risk of falling into the trap of arrogance and the delusion that i am all knowing and all seeing.

Training and self-testing are not monkey tricks. no more than it is degrading or unworthy for a marathon runner to go to the field and train every day to keep in shape.
There is a difference between a gift and a skill. A person may be born with a natural gift for running but only dedicated training can turn them into a skilled athlete. At the end of the day.. A person who is less naturally gifted but really dedicated to training and who has worked to make the most of what they had, may become a better athlete than someone who had a great natural gift but took it for granted and never bothered to train at all.


incidentally you dont need to search for keys (or bananas or whatever) you can just click on the link upper right "login to hands on RV" and you will get real double blind targets to train with. its a very simple procedure.
If you set the task pool to include them you can also have pics included of terrorists and plane crashes and murders and so on and so forth if you want them.

try it and see what you think.


But consider that photographs are not the best training material you can get. Real life training targets are the best, thats why I mentioned to find real objects in your real life you can touch, smell, taste etc. ;)

I liked the comparison with monkeys to find a hidden banana or drugs like dogs! ;D
But to make efficient use of a dog to find drugs he needs to be trained at first...
Thank you everyone. I went in to the practice sessions. I have learned on my first try that I am not smart enough to figure out how to follow instructions.

It's all so busy in there.

I pulled up a target and I don't understand where you write about it.

I found the practice session. I don't know what I am doing.
Where do you write it? Am I that dumb?

Maybe I was just fantasizing that I could do anything. I feel completely overwhelmed after going in there. This is self-defeating.

I went into the galleries you spoke of and I get frontloaded looking at photos. Or overfantasized.

LitteTurtle is going to go back into the shell and think awhile.

But frontloaded may I finish on McCann? The mother has known more, spirit guide has told me. The metal to ground included a box. Trunk perhaps. Long and narrow. The news says they search the waters. Spirit Guide shows me she was in ground not water. Spirit guide showed child or momentos of child crossed the waters to England. Spirit Guide says never left hotel alive.

I'm through with frontloaded stuff.

I am crawling into my shell and I am in awe of you that can do all that was in the rv practice website. I cannot do it at the time. I accept my defeat.

For now.


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Also remember guys

RV describes

Dowsing locates

I am all about real life feedback but if you say you're hiding a known object in something, I could name the object, say it was in a small dark place, and win on the RV part every time. Mix up the taskings, objects, and they needn't be hidden at all if it's tasked double blind.


In the galleries click on "Viewer Studios", then on "Go View".
You will then get a "task", a number which identifies the target.
You then click on "Add Session - EZ Form". You type in what you have perceived about the target. "Feedback" is also available there, but you can only write about your perceptions BEFORE you had seen the Feedback.

Also remember guys

RV describes

Dowsing locates

I am all about real life feedback but if you say you're hiding a known object in something, I could name the object, say it was in a small dark place, and win on the RV part every time. Mix up the taskings, objects, and they needn't be hidden at all if it's tasked double blind.
Isn't Dowsing only a part of RV? At least in my opinion. But you can describe a location by RV only and finding an object through it. Thats how I imagine LTL is doing it or would like to do it.
I did one!

I don't put my name on it.

I learned something. If I go with what I get first, I am okay. If I let my mind wander, then I begin fantasizing. You are right.
I do some fantasizing. I tried to insert logic with what I picked up because I couldn't make sense of it. If I had not done that, I would have been basically accurate!

I could miss all the rest of them however. I'm beginning to understand.

Yes, katz, you are right. It is what I would like to do.

I never believed in spirit guides although my Native heritage accepts this belief. My guide appeared finally, in a dream to warn me. I dismissed it as a dream. Then the person wishing to harm me showed up in the dark. I need to listen more.