RV: Madeline McCann

I totally suck. I did about 45 of those practice session things and I wasn't close. I wasn't even in the right galaxy.
I think this is it for me. I thought I could do it but I cannot.
I missed every last one of them.
Thank you for giving me insight all of you.


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Hey Turtle-

Don't give up so easy! Just because you are based on a spirit guide type of belief system, does not invalidate your good data at all. I have used guides for viewing before, and, like ANY other method of viewing, can be prone to AOLs, or what you call fantasizing. Here in RV land everything needs some sort of scientific sounding acronym.

The only cure to the blues, and how to hit some targets nicely- practice. Hit it up. You can practice privately in the dojo all day long. You already touched on a key concept - the data that comes in early is usually the best. Keep at it!!


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I think I see one fast moving turtle. Looks like you did 45 sessions in a couple of hours or less. I do 3 to 5 a day, sometimes just one a week, depending.

Don't be too quick to judge yourself or your spirit guides. Your eagerness might be pushing you to quick conclusions.

I think most people can do this if they don't block themselves. Some of the knack is in learning to get out of your own way.

Take some time, read some of the links for advice, google on remote viewing. Learn a little of the jargon so you know what people are talking about when they say aol and things like that.

When you do a session watch your first impressions, see what they feel like. Avoid trying to tie it all together, just record impressions. Try writing your notes on paper as you do a session, and then use instant feedback to see how you did. That keeps it private while you find your way. Spirit guides might be saying slow down, go easy, reminding you what your name is.

Spend a little time to review the feedback. When you look at feedback see what connects and what doesn't. Don't be too hard a judge or too easy of a judge, be impartial. There are hits and misses and sometimes too close to call. In the beginning it's about tuning in to what the impressions feel like. They are usually quiet and subtle, while misleading imagination is usually loud & pushy.
Okay. I'll go slower. I think I actually only did about 10.

I didn't count. It felt like forty million.

Yes. I was going to ask what aol was, other than america online. One target I wrote something about space and then erased it, and it was a rocket ship. But totally out of the ballpark on a lot of them. okay. slow it down.
Do we publish the not so bad ones? What do people do? I marked private and no feedback. Now I want feedback on something beause it's odd. It's not a good rv but it's odd.


You publish what you want to publish. you can only publish seven sessions per day though.

The system records what percentage of your sessions are published so that others can see how much of your work is avaliable to peruse. For that reason, some people publish everything - so that others can verify that most of their sessions are on signal. Others only publish the very best of their work (which may turn out to be most of their work according to their percentage pie chart.) I guess it also depends on how many sessions people do a day. Some, like sevenseas, do too many sessions a day to publish them all and have to prioritise the best ones. Most people i guess do something between 1 session a week and 10 sessions a day.
regular practice aids development. too much practice and you can get burnout if you arent careful.

Theres another thing you have to consider. You are just beginning with RV now even if you have had a lot of natural psi experiences. RV is different to psi. In the galleries there are people publishing who have been working at this for a long time now. Dont feel like you are not doing well compared to this or that persons session. You need to just concentrate on what YOU are doing.. on learning to understand your OWN mind and how you communicate ideas to yourself. Everyone develops at their own speed and every mind is different. Its irrelevant what someone else is doing. The only relevant thing is learning to recognise your own mode of communication.

RV methods are not, strictly speaking, necessary but in the beginning they can be helpful to give structure and help one figure out the kinds of things to probe the target for. There are several methods you can access right here on the forum. see the right side panel.


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Hi Turtle,

I started out just like you not so long ago. I had countless Psi-experiences and also confused them with RV-ing.
The RV-practice sessions are a great tool to learn, to understand and control natural Psi-abilities.

I started out just like you very fanatic trying many sessions a day. Until I noticed the target hit-rates were dropping dramatically. At first I thought it was beginners-luck and that I was loosing my touch...Until I noticed I was creating expectations about targets and overloading myself with images. Now I'm trying to be mindfull of my own thoughts and intentions. What exactly am I doing or thinking at the time I start viewing! And what are my intentions!

After I learned that that is very important...the target-hit-rates improved rapidly. I also found it usefull to RV-off line. Letting someone blindly select a photograph in a different room at random and put it in a double envelope. Try to RV it...and take your time!

I hope this encourages you to continue.. :)


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I agree with much of what has been said here about looking for impressions...and trying not to analyze too much. In my own case -- and I am also pretty new here -- my "good" sessions go one of two ways: either I get a "flash image" right at the start and I write about it (or draw it) without needing to do anything further, or else I just get "impressions" or images that I feel are not the actual target but are "leading" me into it, and in these cases the best information usually arrives at the session's end.

One thing I have learned is don't delete anything you write or draw...because it may have value and could even be the most important piece of information! :eek:

You have been led here for a reason...whatever you learn will be of value! ;D


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im just curious how would someone go about working on a session on something like this with such a public frontloaded media thing going on...say for example how do remote viewers work on missing children cases in general? whats the practicalities? how do they exactly go about it if theres so much public information or misinformation as is often the case with speculation...i find this interesting because the whole thing with rv is having no information so how do they set it up to work on cases?? id be interested to hear any opinions....


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just trying to get an opinion here :eek: how do folk go about doing these frontloaded cases? i mean with things like this when there is so much media/public speculation how do viewers go about getting accurate information?? curious


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Its a good question druid. I worked this case in my envelope pile repeatedly as the case progressed. The news did make for lots of AOL but upon repeated blind exposure to the target I was able to come to an assessment of what transpired there. FYI, I am not the same person as the one who started this post. It seems to me that if I just keep working a target without knowing what it is a pattern develops. I don't know how that sits with the whole concept of frontloading in the RV community but it works for me. I think we are all frontloaded to a degree on every target we work. As an example to have eve seen a horse before is frontlaoding for a horse target. I remember being surprised at what I found early on back when there was supposed to be a "bad guy" involved according to the news. Not to say what occurred isn't bad but I don't believe it was intentional.Just my two cents.


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glad someone bit psilight...so you have an envelope pile to practice on hey? how many do you have in your pile? who does your pile for you! do you get me? its more the question of anything frontloaded - how do people deal with all that frontloaded information - how do folk cut through to the correct info? - is it practice? its an interesting question given the level of media interest some of these cases have...


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I tasked this target to a group of viewers twice :)
I just slipped it into our weekly target pool of targets - but I did wait a long while until it had gone out of the daily news.
WOW if only I could share the results with ya!

I wouldn't do it myself unless blindly tasked by another - not even in a large target pool of hundreds of targets. But I do, do missing persons targets - and just knowing its a missing person target is fontloaded. Officially its not solid RV but sometime you have to bend a few rules to help people, and it doesn't detract from any data i then may get describing that person and their location. After all, all i know is the target is a life, so far this has been;
missing persons
dead persons
murdered persons
persons on the run
suspected persons

Just be careful how you font load - don't do it too much and always verify with feedback on the data you didn't have before you began.

all the best...


all the best...



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cool another biter...

it sounds like you got a lot of connecting data on that then Daz??

how do you get the feedback on open ended cases?? ???

complex isnt it? i suppose the question is how to apply rv to other things in real life...


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I do my own targets since I haven't the luxury of anyone who really knows how to task or even wants to hear about RV! I have many other things in my envelope pile besides missing persons such as wildball odd targets to keep me honest. The size of the envelope pile changes drasticly depending on how much of my "pile" I can find at the moment. I have no idea what I have in there anymore. When I do add to it I try to add many targets at once so as not to remember and fortunately I am a good forgetter. Lately I have been experimenting with taskerbot for the same use. The new feature of multiple task directives for a single photo or file helps a lot. I know my methods aren't perfect but then I am still and always investigating and learning.


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hope youre keeping well.
how do you get the feedback on open ended cases?? Huh
Well on the maddy case all we have is the information form the witnesses on the night at this moment so for my first targeting of the team i tasked them to view the missing event as it unfolded - then used the available feedback to gauge accuracy, there was lots in all the news papers and news sources to do this.

Months later i re tasked them to look for a current location of maddy - this I cant feedback on at all until we have feedback - so we are waiting. Which is why I cnat publish online and due to its sensitivity.

But the blind tasking and the viewers data of the event as it unfolded is amazingly uncanny in the fact that some of the excellent viewer sketches match the witness sketches from the night (maybe the viewer in question (xxxx) - if he reads this) will allow me to show just the one sketch :) hint hint

just try around, try all kinds of things until you find something that works for you - just be aware that self targeting - however much you think you don't know the targets/envelopes - the brain/mind can do amazing things (like remmeber entire telephone directories) - so its not the best way to do things.

Use the great tools Pj has created or others to really benefit and remove all doubt form your mind as confidence in yourself is a massive part ot the RV process being successful. I also have a few targets here if you need any: http://www.remoteviewed.com/target/

all the best...



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Ok here's a very small snapshot of data we had on this case/project. I don't feel its prudent to publish all the sessions but we are as a group discussing this - as we wouldn't want to disturb or hinder the real case in ANY way.

To reacp:
I tasked nine viewers this target as part of our weekly targets (this might have been our first missing person target in the four/five year we have been practising) so its not like they knew it was coming - also half the viewers are not UK based and had never heard of Madeleine McCann.

ALL viewers were blind to the target

The hidden target cue was:

Madeleine McCann, missing event, Praia da Luz, Portugal, 9.30pm onwards ‐ May03, 2007

Move to the optimum location to describe the whole event as it unfolds that night. Describe and sketch in detail the event surrounding Madeline going missing only.

One piece of data that stands out to me and was done BEFORE the witness released her official sketch was this.


Later on we had the official witness sketch of:


Now we did get some very interesting and possibly relevant data but alas we need total feedback to validate most of this - this is just a really basic intro to the project.

All the best...