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RV...never get anything correct :(

I dont get, I really dont get how to remote view. I prepare the papers for the session, I am in the mood to do it (really focused) and then I start the session.
After the last stroke for the target number, I will squeeze an ideogram. Sometimes will go slow, sometimes its like a burst. Then I go to phase A: describe the movement (thats easy) and feel the target to touch.

Well, lets stop here now: 1st, doing the ideogram by itself doesent feel natural, I think I am forcing it. In fact, in all the sessions I did, I never get correct an ideogram (for example, the target its a statue and I did an ideogram for life form, energy, whatever). Then, when I try to feel the ideogram, I must make something up. In fact I dont feel nothing, so after trying to relax, I make up something...well, maybe this is fluffy target, or hard...whatever. And I write that.

Then we have another problem: If my ideogram its "Lifeform" for example, I may imagine "dog" and I write that on AOLs, but the damage is done. Because I tought it was a dog, I will see brown hair on the target, or 4 legs, etc. And when I go to the next phase (sensations) I will build things based on that.

And in phase 3 (only sometimes I get there), sketches, I just make some random stuff. I dont see nothing! How can I make a sketch if I dont see nothing?! I dont feel nothing :(

Then, I stop (I must learn step by step) and analyse the target: total faillure! No match between ideograms/sensations/words/sketches and the target.

Sometimes it feels like ideograms and the phase 2 are like hindering really seeing the target, because I am forcing stuff out of my head.

Was the same with you in the beggining?
You can RV. it is an art. This is a money place. my last time. Get the training for a job that pays money. We need it here. it is why we work at boring jobs hour after hour. Rv is your art. God bless.
Keep at it, RickDan. It will happen eventually. Let me bring your attention to a passage from the book, Mental Radio, as transcribed by Russell Targ and Jane Katra. It's at the first indent on page 96 of Miracles of Mind. It's really easy for someone to say, "Relax and don't try to force it." Well, how else does one do it, then? Right? I know what you're going through. Trust me. I'm going to state what seems like riddles, but: You have to tune out in order to tune in. Empty your head. Let everything go as quiet as possible. Surrender. I know you're already doing that, but I think you haven't zeroed in on it just yet. Do it cold sometimes. Don't even warm up, cool down or whatever. Jump in. Mix up your approach in every possible way you can think of until it happens. Do someone else's practice targets. There's one set I couldn't ever get a single hit on. Another set, I am nailing it all the time. Keep trying. Maybe set it aside for a time just to loosen up, but don't ever give up for good.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Try dropping all the details and just tell yourself, "Relax for awhile..." and when you feel your mind is calm and fairly quiet, say, "Tell me what is most important and relevant about the target." And write down your impressions. Or speak them to a recorder if you like that better. It sounds like you are fighting the structure you've adopted. And make the session short. 15 minutes. If you fail, do another one until you don't. If you succeed even a little, stop viewing for the day. There is no cosmic law about how you 'must' do things. There is however a law or truism about when you get bogged down and feel 20,000 leagues under: If what you're doing isn't working, do something else.