RV...never get anything correct :(


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For me, two things helped solidify that first phase. One was meditating and really knowing and feeling how to silence my mind. Especially if I sit and meditate until I get that calm, clear mind, then get up and go to a table and practice RV. 10 minutes meditating saved me 30 minutes of trying targets until I just get into a groove.

Also helpful is ideogram drills. Just google for a couple good ones, they train your brain to speak through those images, rather that you getting a perception of a mountain, thinking "like...a mountain I guess...", then drawing a mountain ideogram. It should be a more automatic process.


="....Also helpful is ideogram drills. Just google for a couple good ones...
Do you happen to have the urls of the sites with the ideograms you found helpful? I used Daz Smith's from his training manual but I was considering adding to them and it would be interesting seeing the ones you liked.


I really found watching videos of RV were helpful in learning. Actually seeing what someone was doing helped me to follow along. Just reading it in a book or on a website didn't cut it. I needed to see it in action.
Same here, watching Edward Riordan, and the Farsight Viewers, do their thing helped me.