RV'ing as a career


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I just want to drive my Lamborghini around while eating raw bacon on a stick and watering my money trees with the tears of baby seals. Is that too much to ask? :D


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First I would like to say, wonderful post morgan, makes a lot of sense. And no Gene, I am not French, I am American, but highly concerned about the way American think which is driven by greed. I personally feel that people now a days are just completely bombarded by advertising and consumerism. Yes it is our choice to go to college, it is not forced, but the idea was socially impressed on us at a very young age. I have been insulted more times than I can count by people thinking that vegetarianism and caring about the environment is some how weak. People seem to view the Earth as some inexhaustible resource rather than our home, and Americans are some of the wasteful gluttonous people in the world. There are more people who are willing to destroy the environment to make money or who simply don't care, when compared to people who actually are trying to making things better for everyone.

While there are a lot of valid points that I saw in your post morgan, many I agree with. I do not have a problem with school, my only problem is that it's extremely lopsided. We are not trained to use our whole brain, rather just our logic, which serves us well, but it is unbalanced.

I personally don't believe that rv is just talent driven, I feel that the more you practice the better you will become, but there are limits. Just like any skill. I can practice playing basketball for 16 yrs, I will be damn good, will I be as good as Kobe, probably not, he has natural talent, so there is a glass ceiling, but the ceiling is pretty high.

I don't feel at all that people should abandon school and focus on skill like rv, that would again be a half brained lopsided approach, I think the best would be the harmonious combination of both to create a more well rounded individual.

I would agree to some extent, searching for the truth can lead to much more distractions in what people call life, but both can and should be balanced. We cannot only live for this world, and we cannot only live for the spirit, as we are both body and spirit. The best approach is balance. I would in no way shape or form advocate rv in place of traditional education, rather in tandem.

Yes the crv manual was released by the government, but they also claimed that it didn't work, so while the technology is declassified and released to the public it was largely discredited by the government. Most people that have heard of remote viewing and never tried says that the government said it didn't work that's why it was declassified, and as many of us on here know, that is not the case at all. The released the crv manual because the best way to hide something is in plain sight.

I think that if everyone could remote view it could be potentially dangerous and even scary. And I agree with you lots of people think that skills like divination, remote viewing, astrology, and magick are dangerous, and they are, in the wrong hands they can be quite terrible. People always fear what they don't understand, it's just human nature. The main thing that would need to be impressed on remote viewers is ethics. As a taromancer I could use tarot on anyone as long as I know their name and date of birth, but I don't out of respect, it's a sort of information rape, I would never rape anyone physically, so I would also never do it psychologically, but I guess not everyone adheres to the same code.

Maybe you are right morgan, it's best that the power of these arts remain in the few for now, society is still young and often times quite brutal, skills like these would be highly dangerous in the wrong hands. Maybe in the future, when things are different, then these skills will be taught en mass, but for now, it will remain in the hands of the pioneers.


katzenhai2 said:
in such a world criminality would not exist because there would be no need for it. A criminal is not a bad person in my opinion, but someone who is in need of something... maybe love, maybe money, maybe emotional order.
Keep in mind, we are speaking about psi, not only raw information transfer like the dissertation of a doctor about his client, without any compassion with him personally. Psi makes you affected by what you perceive, even if subconsciously.

Ok.. lets start with the second point. You are postulating that all psi involves an emotional/compassionate component. Ok. assuming that were the case - are you also saying that it would be equally strong for all people? because really everyone has different foci in the information they get via psi. Some people just get more sensory data, others more conceptual, some pick up emotions strongly - they practically experience what the target experiences, others can register them if they try and still others tend to generally miss on that channel. In regular daily function people have different levels of emotionality naturally. For those people who are naturally fairly dispassionate and detached - i'm not sure why they should suddenly access some vast reservoir of compassion and emotion through psi. If they filter that out in their regular life, they are more than likely to filter that out in their psi data.

You seem to suggest that you think that one can not be ...for instance.. a serial killer.. and also very psi active. that the mere fact of being gifted in psi precludes a taste for sadism. That psychopaths/ sociopaths too would be definitely psi-inert.. What if some people do not get an emotional channel in their psi? Or what if some people get some emotional information but are dispassionate about it or tend to ignore it.. or even derive enjoyment from negative emotional data?

I can see how you might come to the conclusion that psi might eliminate crime if you believe that all crime is based upon misunderstanding and lack - rather than say..desire and informed intent. You seem to omit the possibility of a pleasure derived from harming others (otherwise known as 'evil') - in favor of a perpetrator=victim view. While much can be put down to lack and misunderstanding - I dont believe every nasty thing done is done out of ignorance of the consequences or due to a skewed perspective that could be prevented if you only caught it early enough.. Some people just do not care about or derive enjoyment from harm coming to others.

If there are sadists or psychopaths who are psi able then it would suggest that increased compassion (and willingness to be virtuous) is not an effect of psi ability and therefore that criminality is unlikely to be automatically solved by increased psi in the entire population.

As for deriving advantage.. its not about that. We already whine about cameras and etc invading our privacy - what if there were no privacy? Would we really like everything that occurs behind closed doors in the privacy of our homes or the dark depths of our minds to be accessible by anyone at any time?

in short - I dont think that the whole world wants to be more psi able.. and thats fine because I think society probably functions better with only a small subset of the population consciously utilizing psi.


Negrodamus said:
I do not have a problem with school, my only problem is that it's extremely lopsided. We are not trained to use our whole brain, rather just our logic, which serves us well, but it is unbalanced.

dont know about you but I took art, music, history, home ec., metal/woodwork, theatre and also religion (possibly the most illogical subject ever) over the course of my time at school (in addition to more logical subjects like math, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, languages). As such.. seemed pretty balanced. I was given the choice what to take. I didnt have to take only logical subjects. in particular art, music and theatre were fairly spontanous and free and religion was like some kind of group therapy half the time. But i dont know what your schools are like there. (shrug)


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I agree with morgan, I don't think that emotions or compassion have any effect on psychic function.

I feel like any skill there will always be a bell curve of people. A few who are horrible at psi, most that are average, and few all stars like Ingo and Joe. I also feel it has to do a little with nature and nurture. If you lived in an environment that we hazardous as a child and had to use instincts to keep yourself safe, possibly you could be a more talented rv'er because you used it more as a child. That seems to be the case with Joe, others just seem to inherit it naturally like Ingo. So it's a toss up. I personally plan on training my children in remote viewing at a young age, to see how powerful they can become. People that are good at gambling naturally have more psi I think, they just access it using their gut feeling, if they were trained, they could possibly develop the skill to a very high level.

I don't think that we can have set stone psychological profile about who will be the most psychically gifted, rather, we just have to expose them to the skill and see who is the best.

We are exposed to art and music, but that is not intuitive in nature, morgan, that's all I'm saying. If we developed both logic and intuition we could be much more productive and efficient people.


ah but intuition is a strategy that can be applied in many areas. Including 'logic driven' areas. You can apply an intuitive approach to a chemistry problem or a math problem. Some people click on the answer to a problem without really being able to explain why or how they got to it. (and may lose points therefore on the 'show your working' section sometimes). For those people who are highly intuituve - applying intuition happens naturally.

But broadly i agree with you.


Ok. assuming that were the case - are you also saying that it would be equally strong for all people? because really everyone has different foci in the information they get via psi.
If we speak about this 'pen and paper' psi than you are correct. But that is not really psi in my opinion, it is more something like a translation of ideas. Have a look on people who call themselves 'RVers' and compare their empathy with their session results. I postulate that with better psi abilities you have a more intense experience and connection with the target than with interpretable and vague informations, drawn on paper with a pen.

Sure, a world full of people who think they solved mysteries like JFKs assasination through their vague informations on papers would really be a nightmare...

You seem to suggest that you think that one can not be ...for instance.. a serial killer.. and also very psi active.
You seem to omit the possibility of a pleasure derived from harming others (otherwise known as 'evil')
Thats not what I think! Sure a serial killer could be highly psi talented, but he is mentally instable, in other words diseased. I spoke about healthy persons. Sadism, if practised against the will of other people, is a disease too. But these people wouldn't be able to hurt for a long time, the social environment would become aware of their activities in a very fast time. And, hopefully, help them, not prosecute them. But I haven't suggested that a community with trained psi abilities were perfect. But it wouldn't be that bad as you described it earlier, because the premises are different to objectify how such a social environment react; at least not based on our society yet, so a linear interpolation isn't fair.

Would we really like everything that occurs behind closed doors in the privacy of our homes or the dark depths of our minds to be accessible by anyone at any time?
Not by people who haven't experienced psi. And as I said, when anyone has trained psi abilities, you would know anything about others too. The need to have secrets would be obsolete, because no one could have an edge out of it, so no one would care what 'secrets' you have - in fact nobody would laugh about what you do, think or whatever, because their own thoughts would be no secrets.


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This is all so funny to me. It's if funny how when a post is started it stays on track for the first few, but then changes completely into something else. First we were talking about using rv to make money, then we talked about what people would do with the money, now we are on how strong psi is in people and societies acceptance of psi to teach in schools.

I think we need to refresh the topic a little. Lets get back to the money aspect. I did a tarot reading on Dames' new rv financial markets dvd, and it said that it would teach me some marketable skills, so I bought it, maybe I might be able to use it to make some dough, who knows. The tarot has never steered me wrong thus far, so I'll test it out and see.

No matter what the verdict, I plan on being a remote viewer/predictive astrologer as a professional.


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From my point of view and what I've seen so far, it is my belief that the chance of a person who likes remote viewing and wants to become a successful professional remote viewer are the same as those of a person who likes running and wishes to become an Olympic Gold medalist.

Yes, plenty of people get gold medals at the Olympics, it is possible, but compared to the number of people who try? Or simply dream about it?

There is a reason why we dont have super-millionairs popping left and right, or a revolution in human society for having discovered the ability to know anything and everything anywhere and anytime.

And that simple reason is that Remote Viewing is possibly one of the hardest things a human being can attempt to get proficient at, let alone master. It's just something that requires years of total dedication to even come close to being proficent at, and just about everyone out there is not ready to pay their children's college or their rent, in a job that doesnt really exist, that basically no one can do well, and everybody thinks of you crazy for even talking about.

McMoneagle has a few Near Death Experiences, crossed over to the other realm and came back...so he's not really a normal case. The stargate viewers, I dont really want to go there. Everybody else really is not good enough to rearlly warrant naming much, or those few are either dead, abandoned the field or working in top secret programs that we'll never know about.

Remote Viewing professionally...it sounds nice, but I think it's more of a fantasy for just about everyone. Those few that truly are spectacular viewers...well they are particularly gifted people, the Mozarts, Einsteins, Platos and Roosevelts of RV.

At least...that's my current view. I might change my mind when I start seeing more news of missing children cases misteriously and miracolously being found, or terror attacks being prevented and thwarted regularly, or unsolved muder cases or acts of crime plummeting...until those things happen, I think I'll keep this view :p



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Making any hobby into a career seems to be rife with problems. I prefer just doing it to do it, for personal growth. Kind of like training in martial arts, I never want to get in a fight, but there are other good things to be gained by doing it.


Most people can make buckets of money from RV, but they won't. They have a bad relationship with money in the first place.

From when I was little I was told regularly, it's the root of all evil, only mean people or exploiters have lots of it, its hard to get etc. Took a while to fix my management of it due to my relationship with it, and I am still not great. I would take on a professional money coach to sort out these subconcious blocks, but right now I don't have enoug... ahem... I would rather use it for other purposes :)


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Makes sense Joe. I personally feel that money could easily be made if one developed proficiency in rv, but most people don't either because social reasons or they believe it's bad, some even think that using rv to make money is cheating. Can't really blame them, some of the richest people in the world are the most vicious, but it's gonna take good people with money to change things, and that' what I'm all about, seriously.

I have faith that in the future remote viewing will be of high importance as a tool for not only making money which is mundane, but also technological and medical breakthroughs. This skill will fuel the future.


You can't help the poor, by being poor!

I can personally recommend the instant weath cards in the link below, and if your a 9-5 jobber leaving them on your desk and shuffling through them will help you to start to change your ground in beliefs about money. Not tried the weath CD, but will as soon as I have enoug... Ahem... When I allocate funds to purchase them. The instant happiness cards are worth a buy too!
I think in a previous thread I mentioned paul mckenna's I can make you rich book, that is great also. (its in gold, so you feel rich reading it :D )






Just out of interest, If you were viewing for a career, what kind of payment per hour/session would you expect or be happy with?


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I've recently started doing paid for Rv work.
I currently get/expect £50-100 per Rv session. But I would work for more or less depending on the job and client.

For example if I had to project manage the client and a small team then I would expect £50-100 for each viewer for each session plus a £100-200 cost to manage the team, analyse, possibly retask and create a final report.

For large projects finding things, with multiple retaskings etc i would charge more if the client could afford it - obviously some work like missing people would be on a pro bono basis.

I have most of the rates for most of the groups/people charging at the moment and this does seem in line with these.

hope this helps.

If you have more questions etc then please feel free to PEM me.

All the best...



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Joe_Black said:
Just out of interest, If you were viewing for a career, what kind of payment per hour/session would you expect or be happy with?

Interesting Question.

Another way of putting it is how do we determine how much a viewer is worth ?

From the evidence I've seen over the years only a handfull of viewers
in the entire world should even consider charging people for their work.

It is a very serious issue which does not get addressed enough IMO
Ive witnessed some viewers take absolute liberites with trusting clients who
are clueless as to what to expect from a professional remote viewer. We've all seen examples of this in the past so any person who seriously wants to charge
clients for his or her RV skills needs to be a fully competent viewer and be
able to demonstrate actual ability as well as documentaion of evidence to back
up accuracy levels either as a group or as an individual.



"It is a very serious issue which does not get addressed enough"

I guess because its difficult to address. For instance pat price would miss alot of the time but when he hit, he hit the ball out of the park, where as other viewers are consistant but often just at getting low level data.


In simplist form, the answer is that a viewer is worth whatever someone is willing to pay. That formula has been the case with any product over time. If you want to ask more moral questions, then it woudl not be just a matter of amount of money charged but also what kind of results were promised. If the proficiency levels and accuracy are fairly reported to the prospective buyer and the buyer is still willing to pay the price, whatever that price may be, then I think an argument can be made that the transaction was fair.