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The above is a page from Lu's site (the tkr webmaster), this was linked from the Art Bell site for a really long time too. These skulls are just one of a million "anomalous" archeological findings around the world. As you can see by the pics, the skeptics claim that 'binding' the skull is the cause of the difference is just silly; you can shape a skull but you can't vastly increase the inner volume size.

Wouldn't it be interesting to view something (or someone?) like this. In fact I bet that book, "Forbidden Archeology" is an awesome resource for tasking partial-feedback anomalies.



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Fire, it's been a long time since I've been to the
A&E site. Those pics are amazing! I think I've seen
one like that of one of the Pharoahs skulls. I've always
wondered if there were more than just air inside the
tall headdress that they wore.


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Whitley Strieber is doing an interview with
someone relating to the skulls. didnt catch who it was
but the show is on dreamland i think tommorow.



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I saw a really amazing documentary last night
about ATLANTIS and how modern researchers
are now coming to the conclusion that this once
might city of legend and myth may actually be located
in the mediteranean sea, specifically of the coast
of SANTORINI and the surrounding islands.

the greek govt are in no mood to escavate beneath the
waters but its looking like this is the most likely
location for the fabled city.

Didnt Joe Mcmoneagle claim something similar
in his book UTT and how Atlantis would be discovered
in the agean sea by scientists. He also mentioned santorini as well if iam not mistaken.

Anyone here Rved atlantis yet ?



Hey Tunde,
I have read several books mentioning Atlantis of late. They all mention a continent or large island that used to be situated east of South America and west of Africa. That culture was also said to have been very large with parts of it extending to South and North America. The Minoan culture was thought to have traded with them as well, which would explain the similar markings found in that area of the world and with Bimini and Cuba. The name Rudolph Steiner has been mentioned several times here. I just read a book of his entitled "Cosmic Memory: Atlantis and Lemuria" In this book he gives information that has been collected from the Akashic Records by members of the Theosophical Society, of which he was a member. This is just a reminder to humble those who claim to be RVers, like you and I. There are other ways to access this information. Wish I knew how :-[ :p. Oh yeah, you've been warned, the information contained in this book will fry your brain. If everything Steiner has written is true, then it is very difficult to understand and fathom.


Earlier mentioned in this thread was OOPA. I had done a couple sessions on the origin of both the Mitchel-Hedges Crystal Skull and the Antikythera Device. In both sessions surprisingly or unsurprisingly, I drew a couple of pyramids in the background. Take that as you will. Egypt wasn't the only culture to have pyramids though, so its not entirely conclusive to me.
The skulls PJ mentioned are really interesting. There is currently testing going on, on an unusual skull. This should be something to keep an eye on.


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Hi Damien.

Re- Atlantis check out this book,


Also any chance you can tell us more about the crystal skulls you rved ?

I remember you talked briefly about it on the hrvg bb
awhile ago if iam not mistaken