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Scientist George - Past life questions

Hey George, I woke up after an odd dream the other night thinking about past lives and I wondered if you might have some opinions on my questions. Most of the stuff I have read on between life stuff seems to indicate that people choose their next life circumstances as a means of spiritual growth. If that is the case, why do we carry past life baggage? Shouldn't that stuff have been dealt with between "lives"? If we carry it into the next life does that mean we have it for a reason? Should we be wary about getting rid of the baggage? Mightn't we have those things for the purpose of dealing with them in life, instead of the quick way you have to deal with them? I'm sure you have far deeper knowledge of this than I do and would appreciate your insights.
Hi Thanks for your question. That's a bit difficult to explain, especially for me via writing. If you want to talk sometime I can give a MUCH better answer.

From what I've seen, life here is about gaining wisdom and we set ourselves up for experiences to gain that wisdom, but many times the emotions are SO STRONG that we block them. So we set ourselves up again and again to gain that wisdom.

One woman "killed people and enjoyed it", she then lifetime after lifetime manifested the other side of that, i.e. lots of grief over people dying and or separated until she reconnected with that killing people and enjoying. Then the grief was gone.


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Seth suggested that no matter what energies may play out in parallels, that all the energy "of you" is present in the here and now if one is open to seeing it. Just a thought.
Yes, that rather what we see. People connect with those old traumas and then we tap and the pain goes away powerfully. The past-life traumas are MUCH easier to look at so it's generally a fairly easy process. Present life traumas are usually rooted in past-lives and we can connect with all of them.


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Scientist George -

I am curious if you think this approach using EFT with PLR might be related to other techniques like Scientology's tracking and auditing which is greatly on what amounts to PLR as long as you're willing to consider the PL billions of years ago (I don't think it matters as I consider all such things jungian creations, equally valid).

I know other techniques like Biogram Therapy that amount to a similar concept and dynamic -- that there are nervous system energy elements (blocks) and that you can connect with the skin surface either precisely where they are or sometimes in known meridian-lines and 'release' the stored energy, which releases the block.



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I might add that I do a form of active meditation and in one case I was working with a... part of self I will call it, and had a whole past-life drama experience between us. I didn't necessarily believe this was real at the time aside from being creative symbol which is fine... so is this reality. But by the time I got through several experiences with him where we dealt with this just... overwhelming, larger than life issue... energy work, cleansing, integration is part of it... I had a massive problem with 'artificial guilt' for 40 years. And it just went away. I just realized it was gone one day. And it had profoundly affected every part of my life which greatly improved in all those areas! I had been involved in PLRs a lot via hypnosis when younger (as the hypnotist or observer) and I'd had a few spontaneous PLRs of my own that affected me a lot, but that was the first time I'd intentionally done therapy on myself via that doorway and had an amazing outcome.

Maybe I missed something in the thread but how did you get involved with this?

Yes, PJ what you described as your experience here is the norm for the past-life sessions that I've done. They are generally transformative like that and usually take between 10 and 45 minutes.
I've been able to do the process for myself by myself only twice, both times it worked wonderfully and took only one round of tapping (one minute). I had terrors of dying in my sleep (makes it hard to get to sleep) and they are now gone.

How did I get involved in this??? LOL!!! I presume that you are thinking in terms of only this lifetime. LOL Science background, est Training, read about 3000 books, 2000 educational cassette tapes etc., powerful soul learning (another 3000 hours), reverse speech, remote viewing (mostly study), Emotional Freedom Techniques and MUCH MUCH more.

I've been on the "path" to this for many lifetimes. I'm now just starting to see that! Even in this life, I would need to write a book to start to answer that! LOL I find that in some of the PL sessions that I've done, I was there! That is helping me to understand and heal myself also! I also get healing even when it was only their PL.

Here is a short example of PTSD gone in seven minutes. It's pretty similar to what you described. This is rather typical, except quicker than most sessions.
Transcript for those unfamiliar with a South African accent.

Here's the short session;

P.S. I'm looking for people who might be interested in finding out how far we can go with these techniques. We've already had some powerful sessions where my friend experienced what Lyn Bucahhan called "Perfect Site Integration." Here's the end of his first "Perfect Site Integration" experience. 24 mins.
The question was asked of George and I don't have George's training or experience but concur with George. We chose this life as a learning experience.

My 2 cents comes from, for whatever reason, being able to sense and at times serve as a conduit from that "dimension" if you will. Before anyone asks, I don't have complete control over the medium/conduit part. It's not a water faucet that gets turned on, on demand. The only control I have is to accept or refuse the role when it occurs.

Since dreams have been brought up, I would urge a longer conversation on them and they are also not an easy explanation. As is evidently suspected they are a link to that same "dimension". They normally only have meaning when they are recurring and illicit a strong emotional response.

If the dream you're asking George about is recurring, it's entirely possible your goal is to take guidance from George.
I know very little about "Scientology's tracking and auditing" and nothing about Biogram Therapy. I did notice that L Ron Hubbard was working with past-lives at one point. And that most of the early successful remote viewers did a lot of work with Hubbard processes.

fletch: My outlook is that we all have access to almost all knowledge within us. I would think that people interested in remote viewing would understand that, but I've seen a lot that makes me think that the word "Viewing" as in remote viewing throws people off track. It's MUCH more than just viewing,
That part of ourselves can be accessed by remote viewing, dreams, reverse speech, dowsing etc.

PJ: Here's a little more about how I got into this. It comes from a session that I did with Lorie and later I realized that I was the Shaman. My burning desire in this life is to bring the tribe back together and create ecsatic lives again and maybe even spread it to the whole world. Here' the story;

------- by Lorie McCloud

While in a CTT past-life regression session with George Duisman, I had the following experience:

It's night and I'm on a beach. I'm moving steadily toward the water. I'm familiar with my surroundings and the dark doesn't bother me at all. I'm concerned about something and I've come to talk to my friends the dolphins about it. I slip into the water, and there they are, waiting for me. Our communication is telepathic. It feels so comfortable and natural to be talking to them in this way!

I feel to be a young woman of about 20 or so. I'm upset because my family thinks it's high time that I marry. They have chosen my husband for me since I show no interest in the process. They love me and want me to be happy but they don't understand. Ever since I was a small child I have come down to the water to be with these dolphins. They call me by my name. They have taken me down under water to show me their caves. I love them as much as I love any human, maybe more. My family thinks that such things are all right for a child but not for a grown woman.

Once when I was about 7 years old, the dolphins impressed upon me a message which they instructed me to go into the tropical forest and give to a young man who lived with the tribe there. This I did without question. The man was nice to me, and so happy to get the information I brought him. Over the next few years, that young man became the shaman for the tribe. Ever since then every so often the dolphins have sent me to the tribe with another message for that Shaman. We come to know each other very well and I have other friends among the tribes people.

Now I know that if I marry I won't be able to visit the dolphins any more or the tribe either. My village doesn't associate with the tribe. I ask the dolphins if they can send me somewhere where I don't know anyone and I can continue to live as I wish. They consider and they tell me that they would like to see me leave my village and go to live with the tribe. They want to continue to send messages to the Shaman and no one from my village will think to look for me there. This I do and the tribe receives me with open arms. Thus begins a life of joy upon joy!

No longer do I have to hide my visits to the dolphins. I can go as often and stay as long as I like. I'm honored among the tribes people for my ability to receive valuable information from the dolphins. The Shaman uses the information I bring him to heal the people and to impart wisdom and understanding to them about life and Spirit. He and I become lovers, allowing the love of the dolphins and the love of Spirit to flow through us to the people. He and I do not age physically. The people receive our teachings with humility and apply them with diligence. They become healthy wise and filled with joy. The consciousness of this little society spirals up and up and up. I don't see an end to it! I have to expand in order to be able to contain the wonder and beauty of it. The more I expand, the more the joy grows! It is truly heaven on earth!
ScientistGeorge said:
fletch: My outlook is that we all have access to almost all knowledge within us. I would think that people interested in remote viewing would understand that, but I've seen a lot that makes me think that the word "Viewing" as in remote viewing throws people off track. It's MUCH more than just viewing,
That part of ourselves can be accessed by remote viewing, dreams, reverse speech, dowsing etc.
I'll agree the information is probably all coming from the same place. Deciphering that information isn't always easy though. In dreams it's all symbolic. In viewing, at least for me, it's all impressions. When I'm tapped by whatever it's almost like someone else is trying to control my thoughts which makes it dead simple for me.

Where the information comes from isn't an argument for me nor do I place a lot of importance on it. It's deciphering that information correctly that is important.