Seeing while blindfolded


In checking if this topic has been discussed before, I came across a thread called, RV by Blind People. It's reasonably related, but it's in the Hands-on and Experiential RV category. Thought I'd post over here in Psi/RV General..

Myself, I have been skeptical, but I am coming around on this a little. All over the world, it seems, people are learning and demonstrating the ability to see while blindfolded. There is a blind couple, along with other sighted people, training at a martial arts facility in Ogden, UT called MP USA ( They call this ability Vibravision. A video on their abilities is relatively convincing. There is a training center in Russia, led by Dr. V. M. Bronnikov ( where sighted and blind people learn to see without their eyes. This "second sight" ability has been demonstrated famously in India (
). I also recommend this video because one of the teen trainees demonstrates the ability to see any place he's cued to see. The interviewer asks the young person to describe his home. Of course, the trainee has never been to the interviewier's home - presumably.

There is mention of the Superpsychic Chinese children elsewhere on this forum and their caretakers/trainers also claimed they could see blindfolded (there were claims by examiners that they were being deceptive). I first heard of these children in a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek who also met a psychically gifted young woman, Inge Bardor, who could see blindfolded in a special way. Drunvalo also mentioned a blind woman who could see psychically and who would end up working for NASA. I could not verify that this woman existed.

In her own words, this is how Inge Bardor learned it ( "Finally, I found a teacher who helped me. His name is Memo -- Senor Guillermo Altamirano -- and he lives in Mexico. He had studied with an Indostan (Indian) teacher since he was thirteen years old, and his teachings helped me to understand what I was going through. It was Memo who taught me to see with my hands and feet. He has taught over a thousand children to see in this same way. " Inge is becoming more and more well known as a psychic.

What brought me to this subject is the case of my maternal great grandmother. I think she had what I am calling Second Sight. She was blind from the day of her birth in April of 1889. Being blind in 1889, and maybe being born to an unwed mother from what I'm piecing together, she immediately became a ward of the state. From birth she was raised in the Ohio School for the Blind. When my dad met her in the late 1950's she was cooking dinner at her home. My dad did not figure out she was blind for quite some time that evening. When he finally caught on, the jokester that he was, he started waving his arms and making faces. She let him go on for some time before recounting all his antics, play by play. My great grandmother raised six kids in the 1910's and 1920's. That's no easy feat for a person with sight. I have always suspected she had an ace up her sleeve.

My plan is to make a bee-line to MP USA in Ogden to see the demonstrations in person.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

Thanks for reading and replying.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Interesting. I've read some on that before. I think that the energy field of the body/nervous system extends from the body (in layers) -- typical chakra picture stuff -- and that with training, one can be more sensitive with that sensory faculty, and better at subconsciously properly rendering it to the conscious mind. So I don't really see it as psychic, since there is a physiological component. If they were reading things from a doubleblind across the continent I'd definitely call that psychic. (Even though a tiny niggling portion of both of my brain cells is arguing that this might just be a vastly bigger or global energy field so the same dynamic could be at play and of course, psi is what I call a 'warehouse word' for stuff we don't understand.) But I think the human body has a vast array of far deeper abilities in perception and more than we currently grant to it. I think this is one example of exploring some of that.

Now if they could find some application for this that made MONEY, I bet there'd be a lot more research in it. I'm tempted to think its primarily financial incentive is (like viewing) in "teaching people to do it." :)


Thanks to you both for the responses. RVTrainee001, would you share more about having seen it in person? Fascinating topic.
Well, it was a demonstration right in front of me at an expo. the girl was like 12. it wasnt like fraud-proof or anything but she appeared to be able to read numbers and read. i took her a few moments to get going. people training her said kids can learn to see to other rooms and through furniture (table for instance)
my honest assessment is that if you do your homework you will find out that this kind of skill is a real phenomenon. in due time, we will see some more rigorous tests of it as well.