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Seeking structured PK practice

I've exhibited some proclivity with PK, and have taken some notes on it, but I'm really feeling around in the dark. So far all I know is that it's easiest for me to affect the momentum and direction of moving objects, that the mass of the target isn't a big factor, that there is a sort of sweet spot of proximity where I seem to have the most success (about three to ten meters), and that it's difficult to describe the mindset required to make it work without using analogies (my favorite is to relate it to marksmanship: focus on proper sight alignment and posture, not the target.) I also note that it is very helpful to develop a habitual motor function to associate it with, and for me it's my accomodation reflex in my eyes, as focusing them for a moment tells my mind that I am to be in the frame of mind for doing PK.

All that being said, I am hoping to find some trusted instructional info for practicing and developing this ability, any exercises outside of specifically practicing PK that are helpful, etc. I figure if I have a knack for it, I might as well learn to use it better. Thanks!
I have that PDF, but it relates to CRV, and not PK. I have read a lot of the stargate files, and saw a few reports and docs about operatives testing PK by stimulating a piezoelectric sensor, but I was unable to find anything involving methods used to make it work, or anything relating to training to improve the efficacy of PK phenomenon. The closest I found was a report on the use of acupuncture to enable magnified psychic visualization of an operatives own organs, which had suggested possibly being useful for healing. What I am specifically interested in is tele/psychokinesis, not so much training for remote viewing, because it is much more easily found.
Sorry, I misunderstood your request. I recommend books on strengthening your psi by Jane Roberts, Edgar Cayce, and Ingo Swann ( I have read the first 2, and Ingo's reputation speaks for itself).