Seeking Viewers for New Research Project


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Hi everybody,

We’re seeking remote viewers to participate in a research study, which has the following aims:

● Have fun.

● Demonstrate, and explore, the Remote Viewing ability.

● Explore whether parapsychology research could fund itself, by running a precognitive ARV protocol to predict stock movements.

Any profits from our study will be assigned to funding parapsychological research. (An altruistic approach, which hopefully will also remove stress from the experimenters and viewers: it’s not their cash at stake.)

Initially we’re seeking just one or two viewers for a small pilot study, which will start early in 2018. Later in 2018 we hope to run the main study, for which we’d like many more viewers.

The commitment from viewers is not great: we’ll be asking you to do one viewing every five weeks.

Please get in touch at if you’re interested.

With thanks

David Vernon, senior lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University

Adrian Ryan, independent researcher