Siderial time


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For those that don't know what it is you can read about it at

I've heard McMoneagle and Buchanan both say ones abilities peak at 1530 hours sidereal time and tried viewings during those times. For whatever reason, the readings were more on track than the readings I do later in the day.

1530 hours siderial time isn't always a convenient time for me since it's 0700 hours EST.

You can find a siderial calculator at

Has anyone else tried it?


Interesting that you saw a correlation of your viewing accuracy vs. the LST of your viewing, some people do not notice this effect, some people do notice it. Did you read about the LST relationship to psychic functioning before you noticed it in your own data or after? If you noticed it after then that would seem to rule out a self-fulfilling prophecy type of situation. If you like there's a free Android *app and **Apple app for LST. You're aware that the sidereal time is constantly changing in relation to solar time, right?



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I'm aware that ST isn't at the exact same time in relation to LST year round.

I read as well as via video learned about the supposed increase in accuracy before trying it out. That's kinda why I'm asking others if they noticed a difference.

What I've done is run a blind viewing at 1530 ST one day then run a blind viewing the next day at a random time for 8 straight days.

I can't say I'm more "accurate" on either day but on the ST time it seem's easier to pick up info which in turn lends to accuracy to an extent.

I'm thinking along similar lines as you. Right now 1530 ST is 0700 am LST. It could be nothing more than I'm not burdened with the day so am "fresher" than I am at say 1830 LST in the evening.
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The time should be 1330. In CRV, i have never noticed a difference. however, doing HRVG, i have. I dont have a consistent track record of sidereal time's effect but it does seem to have a bearing on data clarity. i try to avoid 1800LST if i can.


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Clarity is the word I'm looking for and you're correct. The time is 1330, not 1530. There's not enough clarity though to make it worth the while to be trying a reading before the chickens are up.
James Spottiswoode did the research which indicated that there was a correlation between Local Sidereal Time and results of anomalous cognition. He became quite well known because of this and many have kept track of whether their results peaked at the time the data indicated was optimum (c. 1330 LST).

However, Spottiswoode reported in 2014 that further research he had done, additional results, did not confirm the correlation his earlier research had indicated. So as of this date, there is not a substantial body of data indicating the correlation.

I believe Greg K has noted some optimum and 'pestimum' times in his research. (RVT, you probably have the times on the tip of your tongue.) ;)

Spottiswoode presented his new conclusions at a Webinar during an Applied Precognition Project Conference; but I haven't been able to find any place online yet where he presents the new info.



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What I found most fascinating about Greg K's data was that he not only had some stats by viewing timing but by feedback timing. PJ