Smells that seem to make you feel a person.


My wife has recently been smelling what she explains to be as if my dead grandmother on my dad's side of the family is visiting her during the day.

Has anyone else heard of or had similar experiences with smells giving that impression? Nothing else seemed to explain the smell at the moment. :-/



"Keep Moving Forward"

Its very common in medium/spiritualist circles to
hear about such things.
There have been times when certain smells just stopped me cold and you just know someone or something is in your presense.

Thats nothing though... Its when the TV starts turning
istslef on and off that you should start getting worried :D


I have heard that smells are the #1 sense that brings back memories. I have noticed that certain smells come packed with visual and auditory memories too, so when I smell cut hay, I can recall events on my uncle's farm from 30 years ago, the sights and sounds and occurences. Pretty cool.

I think in our brains, that people and places and events are all associated with each other with the qualities of the events/places/people, so Gma brings with her the smells and other qualities that were "her". Pretty cool.


So, chances are that she was really there? My wife explained the smells as being of old perfume that was good during her day but not so good now in our time.

My wife's mother miscaried when my wife was about five or so. My wife has thought that she has been visited by the sibling that did not fully arrive. She has felt that it was a male and  familiar male as if the bother that she didn't have, He has come to comfort and provide a sort of a brother would.

We do not know, just woundering.... :-/

:D, BC