Some Hands-On Fun


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Well speaking of hands on viewing ! --

Tonight was TKR's first Tandem-Viewing & chat event, and it was pretty cool!

Tandem is when 2 or more people get the same task from the system, everyone views at the same time, then the tandem is closed and everybody gets feedback together.

* Unique task numbers of course
* Tasks from TKR practice (based on host's settings) -OR-
* From personal Taskerbot pool (tasks from any/many sources)
* Ability to suppress public notices for stealth tandems LOL
* No required session
* If you post a session, it's private by default, -or- you can share it publicly in the Galleries, -or- you can use the passworded link to share only with friends

This was the first group tandem, and a bit of a system test while I was at it, so it took us a few minutes to get going, but it was neat once we did.
Y'all should come play! You don't have to share a session -- you don't even have to enter one to get feedback -- it's just fun.
*** Tuesdays at 4:00 pm Eastern *** Thursdays at 9:30 pm Eastern ***

And of course it's part of Taskerbot, so people can tandem anytime they want with one or more friends, those are just the official times that someone from TKR's staff will be in there leading it.

P.S. To "connect" with someone for a tandem, log into TKR at the Dojo Psi. Scroll down the front page and click on TANDEM underneath the "Taskerbot" Logo. (We'll get tBot its own login area before long.)

Then in the tandem site, just click a link to "invite" someone either as a viewer or a tasker. When they "confirm" your invite, you are then connected as a "friend", and you'll both be able to see the other on your tandem pages (and if they are set up as your viewer, also on your tasking pages).

Once that's done, you're connected in the dojo's system, and you can invite each other to tandem task and/or view for each other via Taskerbot, etc.


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Oh man! I'm totally bummed out I missed it! Glad to hear it went well. It sounds like a fun time. Can't wait for the next one!


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In my very first visit using the tandem viewing chat system I hooked up with 4 smokin hot women. When they say "Hands-On Fun" they aren't kidding, I can’t wait till the next one.



Just do it
:D This sounds like a party I am sad to have missed. Went out to dinner and the movies instead - American Gangster - but will have to catch the next one - sounds like a blast!


At that time, I was probably on a train, I guess... :(
But it looks like you guys had lots of fun!! :)



PS: Who's the cool guy in the pic over here? :) :D ARF! ARF!!