Spam problems


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I honestly thought that this was an April Fool's joke so I looked at one hoping that it would say "April Fools!" But it was not :(


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tbone said:
I notice many of them have several views. I wonder who is looking at them?
I like to see how inventive they've become, a cheap thrill, I guess. Depending on how the permissions are setup every time google scans it is counted.



where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
shop a holics ! ha !

I always wonder at the mindset, the motivation? the driving force of stupidity.
Its a marvel, to me. Ive noticed that the former court tv , which is now true tv has a whole line up
of worlds dumbest, and worlds stupidest, this, worlds stupidest that, all sorts of diff category of
stupid and just hours upon hours of stupid people doing stupid stuff. Hurting themselves without thinking of
the outcomes of thier pursuits.

I used to wonder why congress passed laws requiring people to wear seat belts, I understand more fully now.
A mind is such a terrible thing to waste ....LOL.