Star Wars and KARV council refection

Watched all the Star Wars episodes starting on the May the Fourth. I think kinesiologic ARV polls could be used to prevent some of the underlying issues in those movies, mainly the disconnect between the Jedi Council, the Senate and Chancellor Palpatine.

Let's say everyone received Jedi training during public education, say how to meditate, practice Qigong, muscle test, Remote view, etc.. So, everyone is at some level is a Jedi, who knows how to vote blindly, to get the correct response. This would prevent political manipulation by concealment of the truth.

Now let's say Palpatine was a formal Jedi Chancellor, with the council behind him. If everyone is Jedi, I would make the Jedi council up of previous Chancellors who've retired. An oligarch, similar to the Native American Chief and the tribal elders. The elders are there to advise the Chief, as they've made it in life and can't be bought. They can say, "Hey, this won't work.". The Chief is advised, but he doesn't have to listen, as he is still Chief.

This alone will take care of many issues most countries aren't really setup to handle. Rough draft idea. Voting 101 to prevent political deception.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
That would change the world. There'd be a whole % of people who used to be politicians who'd have to take up waiting tables. :)