starting point 4 a beginner?


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Is HRVG style a good starting point 4 a beginner?
I have recently heard for the very first time about RV and I have done a little research to see what it is about. (That's how I got here)
It seems very interesting to me. I have seen some sessions in the HRVG website and their sketches seemed impressive to me.
And I have seen also some session from WIRV they data seemed very accurate.
So would like to learn it but I don't know where nor how to start.
Are there anyone who can tell me how's HRVG course? is a good RV style ?

Thank you.

Ray Chaves

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Hi Willow.
I'm not very familiar with HRVG style, but I suppose you have to find whatever method resonates better with you, and go from there.

I'm a beginner myself. Been studying CRV and SRV for the past year, watching many videos and seeing many strong RVs perform both in paper and video sessions. I have also studied a good range of PDF materials and books out there, in order to have a good grasp of the process and protocols before attempting to RV on my own.

I have actually had my first session yesterday and, although I didn't hit the target, I was very happy with some key elements I was able to pick up.

The bottom line is, from my perspective, learn + practice practice practice. Maybe in 2 decades we will be able to get where Daz is =).

I hope this helps. Good learning and take care.

none of the styles are really better than the other one. they fit different people. the thing about HRVG is that they prioritize visual data. so if you feel that visuals are osmething you desire to focus on then, it may be a good style for you.

send an email to HRVG via their website.