Successful Dowsing?


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Hi all,

Can anyone out there tell me if you can actually dowse
lottery numbers or sports events in order to get the result
you want?

If so, How do you go about it? Any recommendations/pointers?

Or is it a completed waste of time dowsing numbers?

Thanks for your help



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Hi Liam,
I'm new to the forum, and caught your question. I've been working with dowsing and the lottery numbers for some time now. Here are some things that I have found that improve the hit rate. Right now, on a good day, I've found there are good days and bad days, but on a good day the hit rate will be up to 75% correct.

Make sure you ask the questions in a proper format that your subconscious will understand. For instance, I do not use the word winning. I use the word "select".

ie..Will this number "?" be selected tonight?
Also, before dowsing, and I use a pendulum, I set parameters before asking detailed questions about a lottery drawing. Here are some of the examples.

I ask do you understand that tonight is my time reference of 8pm, Feb 28, 2009 for the lottery drawing and right now, my current time is 6pm, Feb 28, 2009?

The lottery drawing consists of 39 ping pong balls with numbers from 1 through 39 printed on them and they are selected at random one at a time after bouncing around in a glass dome, do you understand this?

There will be 6 numbers selected by the lottery, do you understand this?

Hope some of this helps you.


True Power resides in a free Mind!

Hi Rodney,

Thats very very interesting !

I will try that.