Suggest future event targets here!


Meditation is the key ;)

Well, Im posting here so that I can obtain really interesting and diferent targets for my poll

Im going to test for 1 or 2 months future event targets.
For this I have a good poll of future questions..

I have programmed a simple software program that gives random numbers to a list of targets and gives the person one coordinate..
I use this mainly not for true predictions but only to test if there is a good probability that the person will pick up at least the general gestalt of the future target..

So I would like that you would give me some real good future event targets (text like questions like for example: Will the Nasdaq be positive or negative in the year 2008, or Describe the buildings of manhatan in the year 2035, or describe the common public transport in the year 2050..)

Then I would put them on the list of targets and use the program to randomly select one and give random target coords (So that Even If I know all the targets, the session will be blind since there will be a poll of more than 50 diferent targets)

And of course, this is not only for me to test Predictive RV, But Ill give a coordinate to any of you that what to give it a try..
Then just send the session data to me, so we can analyse the data

Although we cant obtain feedback (for long future events) we can certainly see if the gestalt of the question was answered

So I hope you can all give me some good questions/targets to put on my poll of targets that is already big and varied enough.

Hope for your replys soon! :D



Hey Ertai,
If your looking for quick future targets that are verifiable in a week or so. Good cues are "Next Sunday ***** News Paper/Front Page Picture. Or Next Nightline etc./ Lead Story. These aren't necessarily as fun but are verified more easily and quickly.
6sense brought up an excellent idea of the hidden place supposedly underneath one of the Sphinx's paws. I'm sure that it will be excavated eventually, it's currently sealed with BS and Red Tape. That would be something that I would think would be easy to see, because it currently exists, and the people that eventually excavate it will just be catching up to what those 'in the know' already know ;)



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Thats a good one :)

Apparently many teams have been given the go-ahead to dig it up, but for various reasons all teams have been told the offer has been declined. This has been going on for years. More recent ground scans have proven that empty spaces (big enough for undergound rooms) do exist!!!
My prediction is that a large TV channel like discovery will buy rights to live coverage (same as Gantenbrink shaft the other year), they will spread the dig out over many weeks and evently will find a large sealed sarcophagus type object and doors. Then after a while it will turn out nothing of any real importance is in it!! - but in truth it has already been empied via an other underground shaft that has been known about for years. The real contents will be stored away in the pentagon or something.....
Either that or I been watching to much Indiana Jones :)

This is not a RV, just a logical guess!!


Meditation is the key ;)
Could please be more precise for the target?

Or should I just put on the poll the following
"Describe what is buried beneath the Sphinx's paws in Egypt."

Is it correcT?

Hope to get more possible targets from you, any year will do... from 2003 to 3000 ;D


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When will alien visitation be disclosed to the world ??? What will happen in 2112, if anything?When will a libertarian candidate be elected president of the United States?