Super Bowl RV Webinar with Russell Targ


This webinar is for Remote Viewers who wish to apply personal precognition - your natural capability to gather information from your own future. This webinar is sponsored by the "Applied Precognition Project", APP.

APP is organizing precog groups through webinars and workshops. Entry requirements to this webinar are a nominal $10.00 fee _plus_ you must do one of the following:
- provide 2 RV transcripts, or
- agree to be an Independent Analyst/Judge (AJ)

The specific Super Bowl prediction, to actualize FeedBack, will be for the Over/Under* Total Points in the First Half. RVers and AJers will be asked to provide their information a couple of days before the big game. Then the final prediction will be made at the Feb 3 webinar a few hours before the game begins -- FeedBack at Halftime.

Russ Targ will be speaking and answering questions concerning, "Precognition at SRI (Stanford Research Institute)". A 5 1/2 minute video summarizes Russ's RV work from the early 1970s onward.

More details, the schedule, agenda, and registration are here.

Through the end of 2012, the 9 APP Groups had an average Hit Rate of 62%, with 104 Hits and 64 Misses - odds vs chance of 793 to 1. And more importantly, we feel we are learning so much about precognition and consciousness; we are inventing new approaches which are being applied as we watch the data accumulate. We are looking for people and existing groups that want to explore precognition by doing it and keeping data as one guide. The data for the 9 groups is at the above link.

We hope you can join us for the fun,
Marty, Tom, and Chris
*An Over/Under(O/U) bet is a wager in which odds makers (sportsbooks) will predict the combined score of the two teams, and bettors wager that the actual number (combined score) in the game will be either higher or lower than that number.


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All I can say is, Time will tell".

I cant even think about a Super Bowl before actually seeing what BOB brings to the table as a 1st time NFL HC.