Taking a break from all things RV helps RV?


I took a months break from viewing and thinking about anything related and found it improved my sessions no end. Had anyone else found this?


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Hey Joe and welcome back. Yeah, I`ve found that taking time out from any skill you`re learning yields improvements upon return. You give your brain time to process and assimilate all the things its encountered/learned. Plus, with RV, I suspect that taking a break from it all allows your mind to empty itself of recent target stimulus and thus potential AOL.

Marv :)


i've found that if you dont take breaks when you are feeling reluctant to view that you can get a kind of an overload effect and go through a whole run of bad missing.


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A hiatus from any activity is good, I believe. In addition to what Marv said, it's a good (some would say necessary) opportunity to allow new ideas about what you're working on to enter into your consciousness (Or is that what you said, Marv?) And maybe more importantly, it gives you a chance to eliminate false ideas/assumptions that may have been stuck in your mind.



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Well I think, it depends Joe. With me for example, I took a 3 to 4 month break from all things RV, when I did my first two sessions after the break, they were total trash. Then I used a slightly different methodology, and it was my best session so far! So I think it really depends on the method. At least for me it did.

And welcome back!