Target "atmosphere" as a clue?


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Hi there , I’m Jone.
Thanks for all these great pieces of advice, guys! I think in the end it's just something that happens organically, an integration of qualia and symbolism which is far more complex than our conscious schemes would allow. As with ideogram vocabularies, these rules can probably be referred to when literally stuck, but most of the time the dialogue with the subconscious goes on too fast for deliberate choices - something feels right, a decision is made, and you're not even aware of it. And no correspondence, no law is ever absolute - so I guess what we should develop is an extensive vocabulary of instinctual "ineffables" to recognize, rather than rules to remember.

By the way, what if we tried this exercise online - do a target, post our individual data, but also try to describe something I'm not sure I've seen before - the "atmosphere" at the target (such as bright light/shadowy/artificial light/indoors/under water/inside matter/"not on earth"/conceptual/strongly emotional, etc) in order to fixate more explicitly the "feeling" one develops for the target. I don't know why, but I seem to get the specific lighting of the place quite often, so I got to thinking that this might come in useful to try to differentiate specifically between different scenarios... Because while scale becomes totally relative in RV (see building versus phone jack analogy) the light/atmosphere of the target might impose certain restrictions or become recognizable with some training...