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Hi guys.
Recently, the activity on the forum has fallen markedly. Propose
weekly updated targets for practice in this thread. To start, there are three
targets. Feedback will be on Sunday 15 December ≈ at 6:00 PM
If you are
interested, the target pool will be regularly updated. The top 3 most
successful remote viewers will be ranked weekly. Then the top 3 most
successful remote viewers of the month. The ability level of the participants
does not matter.
You can write a description of these targets below in the
comments on this topic, in a personal message on this forum, or by email
Message format (optional): 1. Your name /
nick and your current location. 2. The start and end time of the session. 3.
Information about the technique used (CRV, ERV, TRV, SRV, ARV e.t.c.), 3.
Detailed description of target (shapes, colors, sizes, sounds, tastes, tactile
sensations e.t.c.) 4. Your intuitive feelings about target. 5. Your logical
assumptions about target (what is it, what is its destination). You can also send
sketches made during the RV session. 7. Wish you to participate in the
contest (Want / Don't want).


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Your enthusiasm is appreciated but this would be better taken up in a facebook group Mark.
Most viewers won't view for people they don't know, nor care to be ranked publicly.
I might add that re: the forum lack of activity? -- you're about five years late. ;-)


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Mark, how is a patch of pixelated green a "real" target?

One of the reasons the RV program at SRI launched in the first place and was able to get off of the ground is that Ingo rebelled against mundane targets. I think his quote was, according to Russel Targ, "If I want to know what's in the box, I'll go look in the box." He wanted something interesting to look at.

This led to the insight that boredom and repetition are enemies of psychic functioning.

They developed new trials, like the outbounder targets, and had success much more significant than anything seen in a Psi lab using Zener cards.

What I'm saying is that your targets have been really bland so far. Anyone who spends actual time working on them is going to be kind of disappointed.

I don't know that anyone is working on them anyways, but if they look over these last several targets, your chances will go down.