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Not sure if this is where I should post this but if anyone wants...


Please email the information to me at texdebl@gmail.com and I'll send the feedback.



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Greetings John,

Welcome aboard !
I see that you are a newbie to the forum.
Have an avid interest in UFO's and would like people to do a Session/s for you.

May I suggest when assigning TRN's to a target it is preferable to simply have two random 4 digit numbers eg.
1234/5678. Mixing and matching Alpha's and Numerics is not the optimum way to proceed.

For example ACDC / 1234
This automatically conjours up in the mind a visual/s of a rock band, electricity and so on.
I see you have DJ73 This is a person who creates music, also a flight out of Sydney Australia to Auckland NZ.
As with D18T This is a three-shaft, high-bypass turbofan engine rated at more than 50,000 pounds of thrust and designed to power very large transport aircraft.
It is also a 1948 Television set !http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/pye_d18t.html

Hope this helps, not too sure if people will jump in and take you up on this target as usually one has to gain street cred first.
No one really "knows" you..yet.
Hi PsySpy,

I hadn't thought of that, in all these years. ::)

However, when I type in 8 digits, I also get plenty of associations.

Avoiding alphanumerics may lessen the number of associations, but there may still be associations beyond the number itself.

I've seen imaginary words rather than TRN’s used as taskings. I just tried a couple of those. If you use standard consonant-vowel combinations in English you may still get associations!

Maybe if you use very lengthy all-digit TRN’s you will get associations that are only with the number itself.

I haven’t noted this issue to be a problem in all these years, but then I’ve haven’t ever checked it out the way you did.

I don’t see a way around these associations – unless perhaps the many-digits TRN does that.



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Hi PsiSpy, and Jon

I agree with PsiSpy about letters within coordinates, for all reasons stated. My CAS ARV sessions for you Jon were the first series I've done where letters were used. In those sessions my ideograms were 'faltering' feeling distinctly different just for following on from a letter rather than a number. Numbers are intrinsically more arbitrary than letters for me, though '666' and the like do immediately link to specific ideas, just not so readily for me as letters do. I'm quite orientated to seeing words within words, and thinking of things by initials only, myself as LL (pronounced Elle Elle) for example because of a name someone else gave me. Didn't report it at the time Jon for lots of reasons, including not knowing if it was just me being needlessly particular, but clearly it isn't only me.


For anyone who is interested, there are free random number generators online, e.g.

Also I can write a Visual Basic 6 or VB.NET random number generator program that will run on any Windows machine that would generate any number of digits you specify, with an optional separator (e.g. "-" as in 9531-9045) and also provide you with an optional numeric or text entry that could be used as the random number generator seed value - whose purpose would be used to "associate" that random number with that specific target, for people who believe that the random number would then be in the same "psychic bubble" that the target is in at that time (based on my reading of Mental Radio and Mind Race). This kind of program is very easy to write.

stewart edwards

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To add another perspective. I have found that:-

1. The targets of different targetters have taken me different amounts of time to be able to penetrate. Whether this has anything to do with the intent of the tasker or whether it is a reflection of my own growing abilities I do not yet know. But thought worthy.

2. Whether dates or random numbers, I have found the easiest way for me to "crack" into a target is to focus on the numbers and split them up and then the ideograms and s2 data normally just gushes out. Again how much is due to being able to follow the energy flow from the tasker is unknown. But this is pretty much how I have cracked into most targets, though I do struggle (or at least did when I last tried) with one target setter in particular - but they use words/letters if memory serves me correctly.

So what can I deduce:-

1. Letters can act as a distraction/security laver.
2. Random numbers eg Target Monkey or dates can be cracked. Quite easily in fact.

While I am still mostly struggling with stage 3 crv, my impressions from s2 are currently databasing at around 74% accuracy. Though I accept that I might be overmarking etc, but did pay to have one professionally checked for accuracy with no issues. And my ideograms are normally pretty accurate. I just wait for the day that my sessions become operationally useful, which is probably still some years away.

But, and this is the key point - I don't think that random numbers actually makes that much of a difference, though I am thinking of putting together a scientific test for this, dealing with different methods of using intent, coordinates etc. Though I am sure that better brains than mine have delved deeply into this. What does to seem to make a difference is letters/words.

At least that is what my personal experience of almost 100 targets has taught me, using five? taskers.


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PsiSpy said:
ie ACDC / 1234
This automatically conjours up in the mind a visual/s of a rock band, electricity and so on.
I see you have DJ73 This is a person who creates music, also a flight out of Sydney Australia to Auckland NZ.
As with D18T This is a three-shaft, high-bypass turbofan engine rated at more than 50,000 pounds of thrust and designed to power very large transport aircraft.

U quack me up. I'm numbers oriented so when I see numbers I make rapid associations to dates, algorithms and sexual positions.. I'd say you are correct though for the majority of the people. Something best to overcome, I've worked with alphanumeric tasking numbers for a decade. I now do prefer the mixed 3IG2/N72P format though.



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We are all a bit off-topic, since this was originally a tasking post. But I'll add my two cents anyway...

I think the belief that alphabetic tasking coordinates creates troublesome associations is just another self-limiting belief. I mean, they likely indeed DO create instant associations in the Rver's mind, but this seems an easy thing to overcome (to me, at least). For me personally, if anything at all, I would tend to automatically believe the target does NOT have anything to do with whatever the letters tend to conjure up in my mind.

For example, if the coordinates have "ACDC" in it, I would tend to believe that no tasker is going to use those coordinates when the target is an electrical power plant or something similar. I agree that numbers can also create automatic associations in the Rver's mind but, like letters, this seems to me to be a small problem.

We are all taught - and, in the beginning, reminded continually - not to make any assumptions nor jump to any premature conclusions when remote viewing. I don't see any reason why that practice should not include refraining from making assumptions and reaching premature conclusions based on the make-up of the TRN. Don.


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You get what you concentrate upon.

Viewing causes profound constant cognitive dissonance, cyclic, that must be worked through.

This is far more an issue than the actual viewing itself, although it relates to the results also.

If one concentrates on the many alleged excuses for failure, you've just built in reasons to fail.

(The excuses related to the random tasking ID I've heard over the years are hilarious and sad.)

The things that matter are what the tasker and viewer wants out of the experience and result.

Hopefully, they want what the tasker needs most, or what the viewer needs best for learning.

Learning about oneself, what one 'really' wants -- and will allow themselves -- is a big part of the development.

Learning what excuses your psyche will make -- and you will accept -- is a part of that.

If you want the creation of a random number to be its own level of target, and to associate with everything else possible, and to potentially cause interference in that way -- it will, and that becomes literally part of the creation of the task.

If you want it to be meaningless but for recordkeeping, that is also part of the creation of the task.

One of the common misunderstandings is that the tasker is solely responsible for a task. Tasking is really a dynamic, an "interface event" between the tasker and the viewer. The viewer's own belief systems, as well as the tasker's, as well as the actual task as defined by the tasker pre-view (and often as defined by the viewer post-view), are all fundamentally part of it.

Belief systems that build-in -- creating or emphasizing -- "interface factors" are more harm than help.

My $0.02.

There's a guy in Vegas who quit Silva to go full-time as a gambler and put out a book on it (I have it) using memory pegs and he found a way to beat the system. Silva Forum

Hey Debbie, whats the name of the booknand the guy, I'm looking for it.

Thank you in advance for the info