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In another topic PJ said :
I believe that although viewer methodology differs, that most methods whether external or internal, actually are by nature forced to get around to dealing with the same human+psi+translation+recording issues. To me, the whole point of "controlled" remote viewing was "control of the remote viewing process." That the word 'controlled' became part of a brand-name of sorts is unfortunate because it subtly implies everything else is not. Every methodology, including those inevitably and informally developed by an individual viewer even apart from trained/sold methods, deals with those same fundamental issues of process.
An article on Ingo Swann's website indicates that controlled RV (cRV) was originally thought of as contrast to spontaneous, natural RV (sRV) and neither was considered a brand name or a seperatist lable but categories with which to talk about skill development. In fact cRV and sRV cannot be seperated from each other. Development being a process of catching some info through natural RV which we are born with and have varying personal relationships to the channels it flows in, and moving toward a more controlled process in which we progressively amplify and clarify what we do.

I think a rigid structure can carry someone into new territory for a little while but that the best intention behind structured paths is to expose the ideas and then see who has the inclination to become intimate with their own personal process enough to keep developing on their own.

As soon as the process becomes dogma it becomes a small-picture phenomenon, and gets into excluding big-picture elements. Control of method in the generic sense is a moving wave-front between filtering (limiting) and expanding. Each person must mangage where that wave-front is for themselves at any given time. Even if there is a guru-class teacher who is able to be intimate with your personal process in a good way, the most they can do is coax you into doing it yourself.

Joe McMoneagle's books have a chart of progress that looks like 2 steps forward and 1 step back with an overall advancement in the long run. I think this is similar to Gurdjief's ideas about octaves as stages in a repeating cycle with growth periods and plateaus. Gurdjief said that there are points along the way that need a shock from outside, which I think of as throwing another log on the fire.

I think this is why occult lodges have degrees. Each initiation fuels the process with new realizations. In the course of formalizing that process most lodges historically ran into politics that tended to undo their community. It comes from solidifying around the structure and forgetting that it was just infrastructure for passing material in a form conducive to growth.

The form conducive to growth is a matter of continually stoking the fire at strategic points. You wouldn't want to throw everything in at the same time. And you would also never want to run out of fuel. Since the bigger-picture universe is limitless-mind, there is plenty of fuel if we don't cut ourselves loose from the source by losing what the control thing is really for.

Before there was Science there was Natural Magic and Artificial Magic-- (creation by Nature and creation by Art). They were not seperate except for the distinction that one was knowledge of the creative acts of the World and the other was a subset, the creative arts of Humanity.

Gii Wab Na (Ojibwa for "who's to say?")

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The breakthrough in RV research was the identification of what reduces the 'noise'. There are keys elements in the CRV method used which can do that. If a method make use of such key elements it can called a cRV method opposed to sRV.

People which having a 'talent' make naturally use of such key elements in their internal processing. Thats how I see it.

Learning is the main element in RV, because I think everyone will be able to 'learn' (subconsciously) what are the key elements to reduce the noise and/or enhance the signal with dicipline and proper (self-)training. RV is a skill.


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I've been wanting to respond to your thoughtful post Dann and just keep forgetting until I'm out of time. Will return another time for it. It's nice to see you are "thinking" about the process as well as doing it. People willing to do both at the same time are real viewers in my book.