The Black Knight satellite


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I had high hopes that private space flights would help shed some lights on these things but they are corporate suck ups to the government like all the rest.



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A reoccurring symbol in my viewing led me to the Black Knight Satellite recently and it seems to be piecing into into something strange. I thought I'd take a look on here for any related posts. Guess this is it! What I found interesting was that all these articles I read and videos I watched shout something about MH370 to me. This link I feel has a better compilation on the knight....

I put together all the highlights from everything I read which was more than just that link and tagged it to a target. Not sure if others do reverses like that but I do, say if I have a precog dream etc. The line works both ways. It's a good way to store and record too. Yes, I understand these things listed are not RV but just some other tools if one wishes to use in addition.

Couple of notes...

"The satellite," Fat said. "VALIS. Vast Active Living Intel-ligence System. It fires information down to them?"
"It does more than that," Kevin said. "Under certain circumstances it controls them. It can override them when it wants to."
"And they're trying to shoot it down?" I said. "With that missile?"
Kevin said, "The early Christians-the real ones-can make you do anything they want you to do. And see-or not see -anything. That's what I get out of the picture."
"But they're dead," I said. "The picture was set in the present."
"They're dead," Kevin said, "if you believe time is real. Didn't you see the time dysfunctions?"

Seems there might something interesting in there to decode:
Override, fire, remote influence, cloak, missile, religion, and time disfunction.

What about the oil rigger guy with the meteor siting claims, maybe a missile instead trying to shoot down an unidentified object? Or something like what Gordon Cooper experienced that made him "swerve"? Then the comments of carbon dioxide causing hallucinations for a cover up.

Anyway just curious to see if anyone else picks up anything between this satellite and the plane and I'm not so much saying in verbatim of events listed in these articles but more so a lot of pattern and synchronicity...



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This article claims Tesla thought he had some contact with it.


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Well, I guess it was only...time !



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I loved the short. What I don't know is where all the negativity is focused, is it against Pepsi for making a commercial or the message itself? Is it the message or the messenger?

For one I am totally surprised that a globalist company like Pepsi would stick their neck out, going against the grain. Most of the corporations want us to remain as mushrooms.

Progressing in my thoughts, I wonder why the US government hasn't blasted it out of space, they've certainly had the capability for decades. Oh wait what was I thinking that would violate the treaties they have with the various alien races that don't exist.. Then instead of the aliens taking 2% of the US population for experiments they might take 10%. Now that would be noticeable.

I say make the movie.