The Emotional Intensity and Complexity of Child Prodigies


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Thanks tbone, really interesting. It ref'd this book
which looks pretty good and costs 1 cent (plus shipping) used at amazon.

I think there might be a lot more of the very hyper "feeling" in our population than we realize, but our culture and food and more tend to play it down a lot. I remember this little girl came to my door for halloween years ago and saw one of my cats, and she wanted to pet it and her mom said no. She sank to her knees and cried copiously but quietly -- not like the kind of crying most kids do, not a manipulative or tantrum thing. And I recalled, as I saw her, once doing something similar. I knew at that moment, that she felt such overwhelming love in her, and had such a profoundly deep need to connect with the animal which was probably the only creature that could really take it, that it was just overwhelming. I talked her mom into stepping into the house with her for several minutes so she could hold the cat.

My daughter told me when she was very young, like six, that she had only been dreaming this life until she was four. That at age four she had "stepped into the dream" and was now "here" for real and not just dreaming.



Sometimes, always, I remember watching people about to open their mouths and know what they were going to say. It seemed like a play. My mom and dad didn't take it well. Freaked them out when I was young. My kids laugh and ignore it. I use to look at people and know what they were going to say. It freaked me out, after I knew it was wrong, and why, always seemed natural to me, that other people find it odd. My husband told me nicely years ago 34 years married and counting, that people thought I was weird. It hurt my feelings. We sometimes instantly connect to people and don't know why. I think that we know our people from other times. I might be wrong. You are the expert in RV.