The Guy Predicting Stocks With An Army of App-Based Psychics


'Remote Viewing Tournament' is highly known by several RVers on facebook. Best RVers tend to get 52-54% in ARV trials. Though most are not using CRV.


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Looks interesting. My first thoughts would be what are the targets representing? Is everyone going for the same target? Or is the RV target for the same thing represented by multiple symbols. Can't imagine the collisions people would be having, would be mind boggling to sort the signals. The second thing is feedback at the end of the month seems detrimental to the viewer. But hey, sounds like fun and worth pursuing.



He said his intent is to start a remote viewing gig economy. I thought of creating a cryptocurrency based on ARV, which would allow people to create ARV tasks by using the currency and allow viewers and judges to earn the currency by completing tasks. The currency would also create random tasks with feedback in order of mining the cryptocurrency. My goal seems more like an app that can use current cryptocurrency while having a large collection of stock photos that would be blindly and randomly selected for the judges and feedback for the viewers while the tasker just asks the binary question and updates the results. Is the RV community large enough for a cryptocurrency app like this? Maybe I need to contact Ferrier.


Heya, I'm also known as Grin Spickett, mentioned in the article. RV Tournament is a great app for people to get a first Psi experience.

I'll try to come back and answer your earlier questions, from what I understand about the app.