The New Thinking Allowed video series and Web site

I recently discovered a very informative and entertaining video series on YouTube. This series is entitled New Thinking Allowed and is produced by longtime parapsychological researcher and author, Jeffrey Mishlove. This series is similar to the original PBS series, Thinking Allowed, which ran from 1986 - 2002 (see the Wikipedia entry at .

I can't praise the new series too highly. If you are like me and have a longtime interest in PSI in general and remote viewing in particular, these videos are right up your alley. The production quality of these videos is an order of magnitude better than what one commonly encounters in video blog entries, with almost all being shot in a production studio with professional lighting and sound. Many of the guests comprise a Who's Who of historically-important PSI and remote viewing researchers such as Stanley Krippner. Charles Tart, Ed May, Stephen A. Schwartz, Russell Targ, Stephen E. Braude, Dean Radin, Joe McMoneagle, Lyn Buchanan, etc.

The New Thinking Allowed channel on YouTube may be found at this link: . The New Thinking Allowed Web site is here: . Here is a link to a Web page which lists all of the videos in alphabetical order by guest: .


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Hey, Law's been telling me about watching the new version of that show (or often, just listening to it). Thanks for the ref here. I haven't yet seen any of them, but Mishlove's always been a dedicated guy, so I'm glad he's got it back in motion again.