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We had this board. It got attacked by a spambot so severely it would have taken me 3 days to clear it. I moved it to the admin section instead, so it ceased to exist on the main forum. Then a couple people asked me about it, and then I had moved a topic to it, forgetting that in doing so I basically removed the thread from the open board, and the original poster asked me about that (or it might've been eons before I realized).

So I made a new off-topic and humor board, and spent hours transferring SOME of the previous one over to this one. I basically went with the threads that had a number of responses on them, for the most part. I was getting really sick of the effort I admit so this requirement went up a bit as I went through the pages of threads on the board lol.

Anyway, I think I might have included 'guest' as a reader option on the board might be why the spam went out of control, so I won't do that again. This is the new board, with a little history to start it out, is all.


Janine B

I assume this goes here...

I was trying to use ARV to see the lottery numbers the other day. I had this (I thought brilliant) idea that I would use song lyrics to associate with the numbers as I had noticed on past CRV sessions that my sub likes to give me *clues* through those. So, I dug up a playlist of music which I should be familiar with on YouTube (which just happened to be numbered) and sent it to an associate without looking too closely at the details and told said associate that we could use the first 69 songs as they were numbered--and then I settled in to do some viewing.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually did get a few sets of lyrics, then I got a couple of *symbolic* clues--which I thought might be translated into numbers-- and then I got two numbers directly. I was excited---right up until my associate informed me that the lyrics were from songs not on the playlist (one was, but it was way past the songs we were using). I was disappointed.

For the first set of lyrics we couldn't find a matching song at all, but I remembered that it had sounded like an Aussie band, so when I googled that, I realized that I had been given the wrong lyrics. Instead of "What do you see now?" the lyrics should have been "Who can it be now?"

So, I'm muttering to myself, "What do I see now? Nothing--none of them match!" And then I happened to look down at the rest of the lyrics and said "Wait a minute. I think my sub is trying to give me a personal message...."

The lyrics were:

"What do you see now...?"

"Wake up, Maggie, I think I have something to say to you..."

"You know it don't come easy."

Both my associate and I busted out laughing. <G>

I did check the remaining numbers. The two symbols were puzzling, but I decided that they were not meant to be numbers but rather an additional message, something to do with time and maybe moons, if I can decipher it correctly. Of the two actual numbers I got, one of them turned out to be correct and the other was not. This is puzzling, too. The second number had the same *feel* to it as the first number which was correct--in fact, if anything it was even stronger.

It is nice to have fun with it, though. :)

Is anyone else getting personal messages from their sub when they are viewing?