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Today i wondered,
that is all I did.
Tomorrow I'll feel wonderful, that i've found myself within.
I never asked a question only listened with true ears,
so get your tits out for the lads and get the fucking beers.

Its all this talk of meditation and remote viewing on this site that has inspired me to listen to life, appreciate its wonders and to write songs again, with ease, for that I thank you.
See me at number 1, I'll be back here if i'm not.

Love and peace

Flynn y McFadden


WOW...what the hell happened mcfadden...?...I am glad to hear you are inspired so much...what a good thing... :D

The penny just dropped...interesting....would that be the penny that you hold as you try to stay awake and as you fall off into sleep, the penny drops and awakens you again...?

Oh, who cares what the penny is for, you are writing songs again and that rocks....especially when you attribute the RV stuff as the driver that has started your wheels turning again....too coooool

listen to life......

yea, just listen......that works very well.....

we need a thread for posting poems and songs inspired by this TKR board......

the other day mcfadden wondered, listened, found himself and wrote a song.....

we need to start a song or poem that everyone contributes to the writing of. My wife has her students do that often with stories and I cannot remember the name of that game......oh well....

BC the EC