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Theory using quantum physics to explain NDEs

Yes, interesting, but to me it can be much simplier. Our brains can act like radio receivers, except it's NOT radio waves being received, maybe something more akind to scalar waves. It looks to me like RV has proven that our brains are pretty close to being receivers. No need for microtubules to store info, they may be the recievers of info.

I think that it might be very interesting to use RV to find out the truth of things like this, but it would likely be even better to use RV to find out how to improve RV first.
I've tried to explain this to several people by talking (which I'm fairly good at) and found it difficult. I expect that if I try and write it out, it will completely fail, but I'll try again...

What if we remote viewed people or other beings that are doing things that would optimally improve our remote viewing abilities if we did those things? There are probably a trillion - trillion worlds in this universe (lots to choose from) and very likely there are many other civilizations that are close to where we are. The best place may be earth or somewhere else. It might be our own possible future.

Or just remote view what we would need to do to optimally improve our remote viewing abilities and then do it. If done right that should dramatically improve the results gotten and then it can be done again and again.

I've used this same approach with good results with tapping like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and reverse speech. It worked! If someone believes that we can't get info about possibilities, I say that they are wrong. Reverse speech even has two verbs for the future tense, will & shall. Will is a just about certain future and shall is a possible future.

mscir said:
What are your thoughts on how to use RV to improve RV?
That would be an interesting experiment. Farsight looks like they're looking for ways to make RV more interesting to a broader audience, I wonder if this is somehting they'd consider? The feedback may be considered a bit of a problem here, if you're viewing beings you can't otherwise prove exist... maybe the feedback could take the form of seeing whether what you learned increases the accuracy of the viewers who apply it, in subjective, and hopefully measurable objective ways. My own thinking based on meditating and on reading metaphysical books (Seth, Yogananda) is that it depends a lot on how capable the viewers are of understanding what they're perceiving. I don't have any trouble imagining that people can RV the best RVers on this planet, other planets, or in parallel or even potential realities where RVers are significantly better (however you describe that, e.g. faster, more accurate, less distracted by noise), but will your viewers have the ability to understand why? Also the question of whether humans here and now can simply apply techniques to improve comes up. Ingo was great and IIRC tried to understand exactly what he did that worked so well, so he could train others to do it. But not everyone who uses his technique gets the same accuracy (like me lol). Maybe RVers would have to do something to change their state. To me this is an interesting question, I would love to see it pursued, both in RV and in scifi, lol.
This is close, but backwards as I see it. We need to see what Ingo did that enabled him to RV so well in the first place. NOT what he did during RV sessions.
For instance, Joe McMoneagle had two NDE's. I'm not suggesting that we get a close call with death. But, from what I seen NDE's help people eliminate lots of fears. Eliminating fears may be key to RV ability.
I had an experience back in the mid 1970's that helped me let go of most of my surface fears and that helped me HUGELY!! I've also been guiding people to past-life traumas and we use a tapping process to rapidly and usually completely heal those ancient traumas.
From what I've seen, healing those old traumas could be key to improving RV abilities. One man that I worked with wanted to expand his consciousness and in less than a month, he had some huge breakthroughs. He was seeing the past and present in VIVID detail from any angle he desired. He checked the present time data and it seemed to be 100% accurate.

Again, as I see it, it's not the RV techniques, but the way / techniques to enable RV abilities. i.e. cleaning up the blocks. I helped a really good professional psychic to heal the block that kept her from doing readings for family and friends. It took only four minutes. She had been unable to read for them for about 30 years, she now does reading for family and friends easily.

mscir said:
...Ingo was great and IIRC tried to understand exactly what he did that worked so well, so he could train others to do it.
I've been offering it to those people that want to expand their consciousness, but I'm not a salesman type, so it's not gone all that far. I do not charge for these past-life etc. sessions. I'm much more interested to see what kind of power we can release for people. I've done maybe 200 of these sessions.

If you'd like to learn more, I give the basis of the process away. Send me a PM if you'd like or just listen to this interview about the tapping basics that one needs to know in order to do a past-life session or manifest things and circumstances etc. and more.


I then suggest that people listen to a few actual sessions so they know what to expect and how it works. After a while, there seems to be some blocks that come up and we are working through how to get past these. Many people simply stop their progress for different reasons.
If charging for classes enables you to teach this to more people, I would charge for it by all means. You could use a sliding scale if you wanted to be really accommodating, and have a donation program where you accept donations from wealthy people to cover the costs for people who otherwise couldn't afford it. This would allow you to cover you transportation, renting a venue, literature, etc. Just something to consider. A valuable service deserves to be rewarded, and often the more people pay for something the more they value it.