This would be a very, very interesting Experiment..


True Power resides in a free Mind!
Hi All,

It is good to be back.

I have not been here in awhile. I really appreciate all the fascinating information
that all of you in TKR give in all the different threads. Thank you for your great service to people
and for highlighting the wonders of intuition, precognition, RV and other 'normal' mental conditions
that all of us can develop..

As a thank you, I would like to try this experiment, which may make some money for all of you in USA. ;) :)
This is something I feel I must do to thank you for your service to people and especially all of us here as members.

It is a Lottery Pick 3 experiment..

Using a specific system I employ, I want to try to predict three winning numbers
in one of your Pick 3 Lotteries in the USA.

I guess all of you are in different states, so I will pick the state where TKR is located.
So, to the people in TKR .. What state are you located in ?

Thanks all



Hi Liam,

I don't know where TKR resides, but I'd like to help with your experiment. Perhaps the winnings could be donated to a local charity. I'm in the U.S. state of New Mexico with some of the poorest kids and lowest educational attainment rates in all of the fully developed nations. There are local charities that help to support poor kids in several ways. It's a pretty rough situation. When we first moved to New Mexico and my wife started teaching, kids kept asking her for food. Many students had not eaten and did not know from where their next meal was going to come.


If PJ doesn't weigh in you might consider messaging her, I believe she set up and maintains the site.


True Power resides in a free Mind!
I will go with New Mexico...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for you reply and please be assured that my experiment is
absolutely genuine and my system works 60% of the time.

Arkeo .. that is a very good idea. I am sorry to hear there is so much poverty in your area.
I am assuming that you and your wife are genuine in helping impoverished children.
I feel that you are..

I was once a seriously ill child and I was in Hospital as a child so children's welfare is my top priority.
Also, the ancestral scars of famine in my country is still remembered in the DNA of Irish people everywhere.
That is why Irish people are the most generous givers to famines all over the world..

So, I will make a prediction for you Arkeo and .. if you win .. please give the majority of your winnings to the poor children of your neighbourhood.

Also, to anyone else listening here .. if you win .. please give a large % of your winnings to someone in great need in your community. I will not gain financially from this experiment. I am doing this in the sincere hope that it will make
somebody else' life a lot happier..

I will post back here later with the prediction..
I'm very excited to see what happens. ;D ;D

Thank you all...


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Hi Liam! I'm not in the US, but I'm not all that interested in money either (I'm more of a magician type when it comes to changing the world and helping people). However, I'm really interested in knowing about your method, if you would be so kind as to share it.

I know of an ARV method that reportedly has a 52% chance (Greg Kolodziejzyk's, searchable on Google). Of course that depends on the viewer as well. In any case, I'm really interested in knowing about creative uses of remote viewing.

60% is an amazing ratio, by the way, so congratulations!


True Power resides in a free Mind!
Hi Reasinre, :)

Thank you for your interest.
I am amazed that so few people expressed an interest?
A lot of people probably think I am spouting B.S., which I am not I can assure you.

I developed and honed my method over 2-3 years, so I rather keep it as a Business Secret, which it is.
Some day very soon, I will have a big lottery win with this method .. which is light years ahead of the ARV method.

However, I will give you the name of two books, which helped me to develop my method with has a 60% success rate in 4 yrs. of research. That is the absolutely true, by the way.

These books are Golddust !

Inner Vegas by Joe Gallenberger
How to Win Games of Chance by Kenneth Dickersson

Happy hunting and thanks for your interest.


Without giving away your trade secret, is there any chance you would feel good about talking about the books, maybe a summarized book review of each one, discussing the core concepts that leaped out at you from the books, how they changed your thinking, etc? A philosophical discussion would be interesting to hear, if you are up for it.


Thank you, Liam. This is such an exciting prospect, and I'm really looking forward to it. My plan is to give all the proceeds to La Familia - Namaste (, a local child services and adoption group. They are truly wonderful. My wife and I have one child, an adopted son, and he came to us by way of La Familia - Namaste. They provide food and arrange for baby items and shelter for poor parents, as well as providing adoption and foster care services. What nice individuals. In fact, I get a bit emotional when thinking how they made our three lives whole and complete.

I certainly understand historic and generational trauma. A friend of mine is a psychologist who is a pioneer in treatment of Native American patients/clients who carry the wounds of generations of genocide visited upon them. I'm Native American as well. Here's a short true story on one way generational trauma can be passed down. My uncle, a very humble and quiet man, was a sailor in WWII. He would not sleep under a blanket, because his mother told him never to trust a blanket he or a family member did not make himself or herself (Why? The story is that our ancestral Cherokee were given blankets infected with Smallpox during their forced removal and relocation from the Eastern U.S. to Oklahoma. They learned to distrust blankets as gifts.). Instead of a blanket, my uncle would wear many layers of woolen caps, scarves, cotton trousers, cotton shirts and woolen and cotton socks. Interestingly, that practice saved his life when shell tore through his ship during the war. Shrapnel went everywhere. By that point, having passed through the metal hull, shell shrapnel was high enough velocity to mame or kill many unlucky sailors sleeping in the same cabin, but it was low enough velocity to be stopped by a wool coat and many layers of shirts and undershirts and other clothing. It was sort of unintended flack armor. Everyone around my uncle was wounded or killed, while he ended up only with some very bad bruises. Three ships sunk under my uncle, and he suffered from "shell shock" (what we would later call PTSD) for the rest of his long and otherwise fruitful life.


True Power resides in a free Mind!
Thanks for your replies all..

Well .. my prediction was a complete and utter flop!! ;D ;D
We will see the next time ...

Respectfully, I will keep my system secret as I spent 2-3 years developing it.
But, if you read the two books I mentioned; you will be well on your way to successful precognition
with a hit rate of at least 60% .. very similar odds to Remote Viewing success strangely enough..

And to Arkeo .. you are very welcome.
Sorry to hear about your uncle.
What a fascinating story of your Native American Ancestors.
And what an interesting coinicidence.
I will look up the La Familia website and well done for supporting it.


Getting accurate numbers would be a huge development, for the entire field if I understand the current state of affairs.