Thrown into a remote view without initiating the session


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OK folks - this has been happening a lot lately over a dozen times in the past 12 months. I'm good at Remote Viewing, Astral Travel and I'm a Psychic that has worked wonders with the US government.
This virus that has countries on lock down - is not what it seems. I was throw into a session and this time there was another entity present. I live in the US. I was thrown into Saudi Arabia when a pre teen age boy starts yelling at ME to the top of his lungs. Now I work with the government on several different levels but nothing prepared me for this= The words being yelled were Quanti - COW - the boy must have said it over a dozen times. So I started researching like I normally do and I thought it was Quantico he was directing me to. It was not. I 've worked with world renown physicist all my - but when I found this new protocol - it blew me away! It;s a one way protocol used in quantum Physics for ONE WAY transmissions. This is where it gets interesting... Don't laugh but the run on Toilet Paper was a subliminal message sent to Americans prior to the Virus infection. So People started buying toilet paper by the truck loads. This protocol is the way it was done and they useing the internet to do it - now the real work begins to find out how.

We live in strange times - these Remote View sessions that I am not initiating are being led by someone or something - I want to know who and why!! Anyone experiencing this similar situation please let me know.

I know I haven't been around for a while but can anyone explain why this place is like a ghost town? It didn't use to be like this! Where have all the RVrs gone?


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I thought so too, since I have never had someone yelling before - Now that I think about it , the boy, he was reacting to something. I usually see a site, something changes, they move around, move stuff or do something they shouldn't - this was different. The sound and feeling was different. More urgent. In my research I did find another "group" of intellectuals and money men responsible for the protocol. It bothered me.


Facebook, but it is terrible for anything more than a "hot take."

Reddit, which has a growing community and some better discussion features, but is still very much focused on what is happening right now.
It is hard to go backwards and plumb the archives, unlike a forum. This is where I landed when looking for a community.

Discord and chat apps, which are great for discussion but even worse for searching/archival purposes.

Email groups like Yahoo (which was savagely neutered this last year).

Obscurity, as everyone retreats into binging Netflix originals.