TKR's Dojo is back online


do you ever dream you're someone else?
About once a year, the server corp misconfigures something, kills the dojo site utterly (which was working perfectly untouched until then), and then tells me it's my problem to figure out. Since web tech is no longer my job and I'm busy, it takes eons to figure out enough I can then go back to them with proof it was their doing, so they need to fix it. Our ~annual issue took the dojo down quite some time ago, which is just at the point where my personal and working life hit max time investment, so I had no time to focus on it until just recently. Finally did, sent an email last night, and by morning of course it was magically working again.

Happy it's fixed, sad it took so bloody long. On the bright side there's lots of other viewing options now, that didn't used to be the case!

Anyway, figured I should post something on the forum as an official notice.

Hope y'all are doing well out there in RV-land.